It’s For The Greater Good

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Barbara Noelle
Barbara Noelle
16 days ago

Anyone rolling up their sleeve to allow an injection of unknown substance in their body has got to be of insane mind.

strider 777
strider 777
15 days ago
Reply to  Barbara Noelle

I agree.

strider 777
strider 777
15 days ago

This is the beginning of the rollout of the “mark of the beast” system as described in the book of Revelation in the Holy Bible. The book of the Revelation was not written for people living long ago. It was written for us — the people who are now living at the beginning of the “End Times.” You are now witnessing prophecy unfolding right in front of your eyes. I implore you, If you don’t understand what I’m telling you, read the Revelation now. Do this so that you will have a complete understanding of what is happening now and what will happen in the immediate future. DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE; DO NOT TAKE THE “MARK.”
God be with you, and God bless all His people everywhere. Amen.