LaVoy Finicum Video – Enhanced and Zoomed

From Sam Culper:

I saw this new, enhanced video and it absolutely does appear that LaVoy was shot while gaining balance in the snow, trying to keep his hands in the air. And then shot again while holding his side, probably the wound. Make up your own mind.

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Ronald Parks
5 years ago

I thought it looked like he, as he was turning to his left, reached inside his coat and produced a hand gun in his right hand. I can’t say for sure but that is what it looks like to me. I can’t tell if its a gun though… it looks like a gun barrel to me but, I guess, it could be a flashlight or something like that.

5 years ago

If he was carrying any type of weapon and reaching for it would we have been told by now? It seems if that was the case we would have heard it all over the airwaves, and that those evil firearms need to be all confiscated so the FBI and other LE won’t be harmed.

5 years ago

I’ve said it elsewhere, and I’ll state it here -- Lavoy Finicum was murdered. Specifically, it was an act of Depraved Indifference Homicide.

Its clear enough that he is shot three times -- The stagger and grab of the midsection, just as the camera finishes zooming in and is refocusing, is a definite gunshot hitting home, and I’ve seent it enough times be sure. I’m counting this as the first shot.

The first shot is from the shooter in front of him at the edge of the road. But the second and third shots come from the shooter behind him in the trees. You can tell because he is looking around for the source of the second shot, but never even sees that individual before the third shot drops him. He’s still alive at that point, still waving his arm to indicate surrender and/or plead for help.

And they leave him to bleed out in the snow, even though he is obviously no longer a threat. It’s rather obscene.

IOW, you are witnessing an assasination -- he was killed in cold blood, shot by multiple assailants; one of whom is a cowardly bastard, repeatedly shooting an unarmed man from behind, at close range.

And where was medical aid? I’m sure there were med units on-scene. Those Federales never run such an op without preparing for the possibility that one of their own will be shot, so there is always at least one ambulance very nearby.

After reviewing this, I can say with full confidence that this requires proper redress. There is no question but that the shoot is unnecessary by FBI standards, and further constitutes a criminal act on the part of both shooters, and also whoever was the agent in charge. This is unquestionable because, after Lavoy is down, he is still obviously alive and conscious -- he is waving his arm, either in surrender or pleading for assistance; but none of the officers on scene ever goes to check on him, and no medical aid is given.

IOW, a man who is obviously alive and conscious, but having been shot at least three times, and laying in the snow bleeding out, is in need of immediate medical attention. Period. But no officer even approaches him to assess his injuries or give aid. This more than meets the standards for a prima fascie determination of Depraved Indifference Homicide, on the part of every officer on scene, and doubly so for the FBI Agent in Charge of the operation.

There’s a very fine line between a justified shoot and a purposeful MURDER, and these agents/officers crossed that line by quite a ways.

5 years ago

Consider the potential scandal and the massive irony: US citizens are asserting their sovereign right to use federal land, land that should never have been co-opted by the federal government in the first place—and now it turns out to be Russian land.