List of North Carolina Schools Partnered with the United Nations

North Carolina has 30 schools partnered with the United Nations to teach our children how to “promote intercultural understanding and respect, not as an alternative to a sense of cultural and national identity, but as an essential part of life in the 21st century“.

This NGO of UNESCO is nothing more than another means to indoctrinate our children into a new world order. Our nation is under attack from both enemies foreign and domestic. How will they defeat a nation founded in Liberty? By using proven techniques: propaganda, disarmament,tyranny and the corruption of our own children.

I am fighting for Liberty for our next generation. We must ensure that they know that nothing is more valuable than their individual freedom given to them as one of their natural rights. This task has just become harder as they are being “educated” that the world collective is greater than the individual.

Click here for a complete list of IB schools in the United States. The list of schools in North Carolina is presented below.

It is time to fight for our own children.

David DeGerolamo

Quality education for a better world


The IB has been recognized as a NGO of UNESCO since 1970 and currently has the status of “formal consultative relations as a network” with UNESCO. IB representatives participate regularly in UNESCO meetings and comment on UNESCO proposals in education. Some projects have received UNESCO funding—see Cambodia and Nigeria in the list of partnerships (126 kb, PDF) and exchanges with governments and inter-governmental organizations (IGOs).

IB World Schools

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) does not own, operate or manage any schools. Instead, we work in partnership with 3,538 IB World Schools in 144 countries who offer our programmes. These schools:

  • share the mission and commitment of the IB to quality international education
  • have been authorized by the IB to offer one or more of our three programmes
  • play an active and supporting role in the worldwide community of IB schools
  • share their knowledge and experience in the development of the IB programmes
  • are committed to the professional development of teachers.

The interdependent nature of the relationship between IB World Schools and the IB is a unique and a defining characteristic of the worldwide IB community.

List of North Carolina IB Schools:

United States Beddingfield High School
4510 Old Stantonsburg Road, Wilson

United States Ben L. Smith High School
2407 South Holden Road, Greensboro

United States Cedar Ridge High School
1125 New Grady Brown School Road, Hillsborough

United States Charlotte Country Day School
1440 Carmel Road, Charlotte

United States East Mecklenburg High School
6800 Monroe Road, Charlotte

United States Garner Magnet High School
2101 Spring Drive, Garner

United States Grimsley High School
801 Westover Terrace, Greensboro

United States Harding University High School
2001 Alleghany Street, Charlotte

United States Hickory High School
1234 3rd Street NE, Hickory

United States High Point Central High School
801 Ferndale Blvd, High Point

United States Hillside High School
3727 Fayetteville Street, Durham

United States Hunt High School
4559 Lamm Road, Wilson

United States Hunter Huss High School
1518 Edgefield Avenue, Gastonia

United States Jacksonville High School
1021 Henderson Drive, Jacksonville

United States Kinston High School
2601 North Queen Street, Kinston

United States Marvin Ridge High School
2825 Crane Road, Waxhaw

United States Millbrook High School
2201 Spring Forest Road, Raleigh

United States Myers Park High School
2400 Colony Road, Charlotte

United States Needham B Broughton High School
723 St Mary’s Street, Raleigh

United States North Mecklenburg High School
11201 Old Statesville Road, Huntersville

United States Parkland High School
1600 Brewer Road, Winston-Salem

United States Ralph L Fike High School
500 Harrison Drive, Wilson

United States Reidsville High School
1901 South Park Drive, Reidsville

United States Rocky Mount High School
1400 Bethlehem Road, Rocky Mount

United States South Iredell High School
299 Old Mountain Road, Statesville

United States South View High School
4184 Elk Road, Cumberland County, Hope Mills

United States W.G. Enloe High School
128 Clarendon Crescent, Wake County Public Schools, Raleigh

United States Walter Hines Page High School
201 Alma Pinnix Drive, Greensboro

United States West Charlotte High School
2219 Senior Dr, Charlotte

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8 years ago

Check the full list of schools in North Carolina (all programmes). These are only the high schools but they actually are in the elementary and middle schools also. Parents -- home school!!!

Larry Porter
8 years ago

Gina, you are absolutely right. Home schooling is the only way you will get your message to your child. The schools have been lost for years and are too far gone to ever hope for recovery. And the sheeple continue to buy the proposition that they can solve all problems with more money.

8 years ago

I wish we had some examples of the things they are teaching…I would think we could contact Bill Ayers for that information!

Pam Reynolds
Pam Reynolds
8 years ago

Eric Holder has on his list of things to do to stop home schooling. We need to attempt to stop him but if O wants it he will get it… Sigh

8 years ago

Why do Americans, especially North Carolinians have to be so vile and gullible?

william Sterrett
william Sterrett
8 years ago

Well janamurray I believe that is probably the result of over 125 years of democrat leadership in the state of North Carolina. Patriots have begun the struggle to change just that. In Liberty, Bill

Amos Elvis
Amos Elvis
8 years ago

Why is the Board of Education building that backs up to the Halifax Mall in Raleigh so secretive? I hear our State Reps have to be escorted any where they migrate through this building that Tax Payers built. Has anyone else heard this before? If so why is this happening? The United Nations in my opinion should have nothing to do with schools in North Carolina or the other 49 states.


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