The impossible situation that the non-politician outsider Donald Trump found himself in was that he had to fight all of the DemSocRats and (at least) half of the GOP.

Nominally Republican Governor Kemp in Georgia is a classic example. Early in 2020 he signed a $110 million dollar contract to buy 30,000 Chinese-made Fraud-O-Matic vote-switching machines, placing them in every GA precinct. He reportedly inked the contract two weeks after he visited the CCP “spy nest” in Houston that was recently forced to close. It is safe to assume family kickbacks were involved.

Kemp, his Republican AG and his Republican lieutenant governor do not want their financial connections to the CCP revealed. This Georgia corruption was endangered by Swamp Drainer Trump, and will be protected by Beijing Biden. Trump lost Georgia, and with a few other corrupt states, he lost the White House. What happened in Georgia was a classic example of Trump’s dilemma.

Like “Republican” Brian Kemp, half of the GOP goes into politics for the legal family graft, happy to play the “designated losers” aka the “Washington Generals” to the “DemSocRat Globetrotters,” who are assigned by the overall system to win majorities. Witness the sellout “consent decree” election deal the Georgia GOP made with Stacy Abrams, which guaranteed a Rat victory, and the unexamined continuance of the Georgia GOP graft machine.

The GOP grifters want the graft without the hassles and accusations of being part of systemic white racism and so on, so they are eager to roll over on their backs for their DemSocRat shot-callers.

Hunter and Joe Biden were not unique, they are typical of both sides of the political aisle, if a bit flagrant at their grifting. You can’t give an American politician a million bucks, heaven forfend, that’s a bribe! But you can give it to his son or his brother, after creating a fictitious job for him. Then he buys a couple of mansions, and lets you live in them. Great work if you can get it–and you can only get it by becoming a “made member” of the ruling elite.

Trump upset this legalized political graft formula, so he had 75% of Washington out to bury him from Day One. All of the Rats, and half of the GOP. Impossible math to overcome.

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Gail Jansen
Gail Jansen
10 months ago

Matt Bracken is always wise. Every word he has said is true, however, we must maintain a countenance of hope in President Trump until he completely exits the stage. He may still be able to use his Executive Order of September 12, 2018 I pray to Jesus that even if this is the End Time, that he will grant is his might and protection to push this evil back into the pit of Hell. I’m too old to go quietly and too young to accept slavery as my lot.

10 months ago

I believe your statements are true and correct and many other patriots are waiting in the wings — Brave leaders, Like the orange man or Sidney — these are Fighters --We the people will actually take action when the time comes and its growing-- Death frighten me a bit but I’m terrified of the loss of Freedom -- God has made everything possible for me and I will put my hopes and faith in him but will fight with my own hands and hope he see me worthy