NEW RESEARCH: Coronavirus Has A Second Route For Attack!

The covid-19 virus, while incredibly tiny, continues to confound researchers with the myriad ways in which it can wreak havoc in the human body.

Today’s surprise is that the virus may have a completely second pathway, separate from targeting ACE2 receptors, for attack. New research indicates that, similar to HIV, covid-19 compromises the immune system’s T-cells and “turns off” their protective function, allowing the virus to replicate without interference.

And if that isn’t unwelcome enough, a new study reports that numerous patients infected with covid-19 show damage well beyond just the lungs. Described as a “full body assault”, notable damage to the heart, liver and other organs is also being observed.

In short, you do NOT want to get this! Not if you can avoid it. So continue sheltering in place, social distancing, masks & handwashing & hygiene. And keep up work on your garden!


Let me bottom line the information starting at minute 9:00. This virus was man made. The question is whether anything will be done to China.

David DeGerolamo

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Rabbi Will McCubbins
Rabbi Will McCubbins
1 year ago

You left out brainwashing!

1 year ago

Back on 05 February I sent a note to a close family member (liberal, socialist) telling him that this was a man-made bioweapon from China. I had read several articles, including the one from greatgameindia that was published on 26 January. His response was “What? Where did you hear this, Fox News, LOL?”
Never a doubt that this was a bioweapon intended to ravage our country. China wants the United States, and what better way to get it intact… simply kill off enough Americans and waltz right in. Everyone everywhere should make every effort to NEVER EVER buy anything Made In China again, and let the criminal CCP self-destruct. And, if they ever do anything like this again, make every single port city they have inaccessible and useless for the next 10,000 years.

1 year ago

What about the Corona Virus research done at UNC Chapel Hill during the Obamy Regime? That ended up in Wuhan???
Just asking for a friend.