No Joe, I Am Not Laughing

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Here are some reflections I have after watching the debate:

1. The moderator quickly lost control of the debate. There was no equitable answer and rebuttal format; there were whims of her “experience” as a foreign correspondent.

2. Biden interrupted Ryan 82 times: annoying, condescending and arrogant. These traits are the hallmark of this administration.

3. Ryan missed the opportunity to explain how the job force has been reduced since this administration took over and spent over $5 trillion in excess of revenue. If the job force was measured using the same number as when Obama took office, the U3 unemployment rate would be 11.4%. I have to ask why Ryan did not address this obvious failure of both the executive and legislative branches.

4. Biden’s coverup answers to the Benghazi assault still tow the administration’s line that they had bad intelligence. This incredible assertion comes right after state department employees refute this obvious attempt to once again shift blame for the administration’s failures.

5. Ryan should have asked the moderator when she was going to start doing her job.

6.  Both sides danced around the issue of Obamacare and Biden tried to smear Ryan with his “Death Panel” remark. Well Joe, these panels are death panels and are the precursor to a nation where the sanctity of human life has been replaced by a Communist concept of an ability to fulfill “obligations” to the state to measure a person’s worth.

7. The fact is that Iran is making nuclear grade fissile material. Whether they make a detonator, buy a detonator from Pakistan, China or North Korea, or just make a dirty bomb using their existing missile delivery systems is irrelevant and was not addressed by either side. The clock is ticking and this must be addressed.

8. Why was the reverse engineering of the downed US drone from last December 13th not discussed? The radar resistant fiberglass covering was used to build the remote controlled helicopter that penetrated Israel’s airspace last week. Has this technology been used to make radar resistant speed boats to attack our aircraft carriers?

9. Why are our borders not secure? This is one of the largest threats facing the our nation as Muslim terrorists are coming through both northern and southern borders virtually unimpeded.

10. Why is America arming Mexican drug lords which have killed hundreds of Mexican citizens? Isn’t this another failure of the administration’s foreign policy and one that was manufactured by the administration in an effort to circumvent the 2nd amendment?

David DeGerolamo

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8 years ago

Let us not forget the possibility of EMP’s with the nuclear material.

8 years ago

There is an Islamist training camp 25 miles from the front door of my home. Check it out. 4 training camps in Georgia. One of those is in the small town of Commerce, 25 miles from Athens. Armed with rifles and Lord knows what. Fenced in and there is no admittance. Claim religious rights. Any woman who votes for Barack Hussein Obama is a fool. He’s laying the country out for these terrorists to kill Americans.
On the debate. I was about to come off of my sofa. Ryan may not have hit all the points, but I give him a win just for not hitting Biden. One thing it did show, Ryan can keep his cool in the worst situation. Biden, on the other hand, was typical. I can’t describe what it was, he was running his mouth to take up time and had very little substance.I can’t stand show off men. His behavior is a sign of his lack of confidence and unwillingness to face facts. He twisted the facts and he knew it. His “performance” was to fool and sway people, not to present facts. I heard him lie several times.
We may as well have had Debbie Wassermann Schultz debating Ryan. Biden turned the debate into a sideshow and kept the American people from hearing a discussion on important issues prevalent to our survival as a country.
On the moderator. She lost control, as you said, but also, she catered to Biden and let him run on.
On the questions. I could have done better.