US Foreign Policy in Shambles at All Levels

One incident in Benghazi may become the focal point in this presidential election.

It is not about the tragedy of four Americans killed by a massive terrorist attack. It is about the subsequent coverup, shifting blame and yet another example of our nation’s failed foreign policy under this administration. There is no doubt that Obama lied to the American public and the world at his UN speech where he shifted blame to a YouTube video. There is no doubt as we head into World War III, this administration has decided to ally itself with the Muslim Brotherhood. There is no doubt that this administration has distanced itself from Israel and done irreparable harm to this ally. There is no doubt that our federal government does not have the answers, courage or morality to fix the problems created by their own corruption.

Never has evil been so clearly evident in America.  Do we have the courage to stand up for children?

David DeGerolamo

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