No Lives Matter, by Robert Gore

Our dystopia is their utopia.

The only way to control a substantial population is to murder enough that the rest are terrified into submission. But it isn’t really the control that’s the objective, it’s the murder. At root, murder stems from a grotesque hatred of one’s self, which animates a craven fear of anything and everything, particularly death, and paradoxically, a psychotic desire to kill one’s self and every other value. Only by understanding our enemies do we have any chance of defeating them.

The twentieth century and the two decades of this one offer ample material to study the psychology of evil. In the nineteenth century, Fyodor Dostoyevsky masterfully plumbed those depths. In the barren desert that constitutes today’s intellectual life, the study of history has been discarded and great literature ignored or burned. They’re casualties in the war being waged on anything that helps us understand ourselves. In one sense Dostoyevsky couldn’t have anticipated the collectivist charnel houses of the century to follow, but in one sense he did. He knew charnel houses were the work of individual souls, and one couldn’t grasp the one without examining the other.

With many minority groups claiming historical injustices against them and demanding remedial recognition and reparation, with official endorsement by many institutions of those claims and demands, and with their propagation via all major channels of communication, no voices have been raised in support of the indisputably smallest and most persecuted minority group—the individual. “Individual” and “individual rights” are words that must not be spoken.


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9 months ago

2% of a population are criminally insane, 20% of the population are inclined to Follow the 2%, especially when the 2% gain political Power.
Mass murder is the usual Result.
Stay Armed, Never Surrender, Never Give Up. Better to die on your feet than your knees.
Better yet, WIN over Evil, while not subcumbing to hatred. Cold Fury until the Reckoning is assured, then Mercy, but Not before you are assured.
This will become extremely difficult to navigate imo.

a follower
a follower
9 months ago

Who is “The Authority?”
Do you remember when God was the authority? God , the people, then the people we hired to do a job?
The government works for us, we hire and pay them.
This got inverted.
Trusting Politicians is Insanity ~ Rex Reviews
10,778 views•Aug 23, 2020