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Consider for a moment that you live in an America where the people rioting and blocking the roads so you can not proceed on your way to work are paid to do so by the same person or people who pay for your mayor’s campaign. That the truth of this is so plain that there is no need to disguise their support for those threatening you, because as a citizen, you don’t run anything; your vote means nothing to people who can quickly purchase 10, 000 -100,000 votes from the person who pays for their campaign ads. 

If you’re black, it’s even worse. The person shooting you does so from a refuge of protection provided by the same political machine that pumps lead infused water into your tenement, ensures that you never have any positive role models like Justice Clarence Thomas, Economist Thomas Sowell or National Security Advisor Condolezza Rice, but continually fall back on drug dealers, rappers and sports figures to show your young men the way to prosperity. The gun you are disallowed from owning to protect yourself in the cities with the highest murder rates in the world are pumped into the hands for juvenile delinquents in gangs by those who campaign all day long on “gun control.” 

Those of you who are trying to sleep at night in order to get up, go to work and pay for all of the largesse funneled out to those who hold you in contempt, are now awakened by Antifa/BLM/Revcom soldiers just to let you know that they will show up in the middle of the night to harass you if you do not enthusiastically obey their outlandish demands on a daily basis. It is a warning of what you have to look forward to should you disobey and vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming election. But, it’s what you have to look forward to even if you vote Biden-Harris, because it is what they have to offer in a city where the police have been bullied into submission and have abandoned the field. So much for the heroism of the boys in blue.


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Murtaugh's Mustache
Murtaugh's Mustache
1 year ago

The articles accurate encapsulation of Americas current moment
is stunningly accurate……if words were napalm.