Obama Awarding Armored Tanks In Preparation Of Police State

by Thomas Dishaw

As we incrementally creep closer to a police state,  the Lewiston Maine Police Department organizes an intimidation campaign to show off the newest crime fighting tools.

LPD recently unveiled the 1981 M113APC armored tank and  MARCbot IV robot,  equipped with a Xbox controller, to an unaware and uninformed general public.

This gift, courtesy of the Obama Administration, is free to the LPD as a reallocation of military surplus. Of course we all know nothing is free in this country.  And why does a town like Lewiston need an armored tank? It can’t be the crime, because in 2011 they recorded 3 murders and in 2009 they recorded zero murders.


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9 years ago

gee, and me without a flack jacket or a rocket launcher…son of a bitch. guess I’ll have to


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9 years ago

not to split hairs…but for the 6 years i was in the U.S. Army, i rode around most of the time, in a M113 ARMORED PERSONEL CARRIER. there is no such thing as an M 113 APC armored tank. anyone who tells you there is dosen’t know his/her military hardware and should be ignored.