It took only hours after the posting of a pro-Israel slogan in New York City for opponents to launch a violent spray-paint attack against the message and for a religious adviser to Barack Obama to use the conflict to try to raise money for his own campaign.

At the center of the ruckus is an attempt by New York transit authorities to censor the message “In Any War Between the Civilized Man and the Savage, Support the Civilized Man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”

The message, which authorities call “demeaning,” is being promoted by the American Freedom Defense Initiative and its executive directors Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. Lawyers with the American Freedom Law Center have been working with them to overcome anti-Israel activism that has deterred and delayed the posting of the ads.

Just days ago, WND reported that the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority halted a plan to post the ads this week, expressing concern about “situations happening around the world” and the “security and safety” of passengers. A court hearing has been scheduled.

In New York City, the ads were posted only after a federal judge struck down the transit agency’s policies as a violation of the First Amendment.

The second line of opposition to the anti-jihad ads was announced by Sojourners, the publication led by Rev. Jim Wallis, one of the Obama’s top religious advisers.

His group announced “Christians across the country are standing up to counter anti-Muslim ads” and launched a fundraising drive to support a “Love Your Muslim Neighbor” ad campaign in New York.


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