Our military toughness and readiness keeps going down

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Rabbi Will McCubbins
Rabbi Will McCubbins
30 days ago

Good. Because we are the new targets. So I hope when they attack us they send a bunch of stupid minorities and trannies.

30 days ago

I don’t have a Link to it, but someone did a Vid that is a juxtaposition of a Russian Army Recruiting Vid, and the Snow-White Cartoon FUSAA equivalent, featuring the ‘baster child’ of a couple of Dykes.
As you would expect, the Rus Vid was… Ordinary. A Recruit getting his head shaved in boot camp, running obstacle courses, crawling through mud, learning Rifle shooting; Very Ordinary things for a Soldier to do. It ended with him as a Paratrooper, stepping off the Ramp, hitting the Ground and running with a Rifle to join the Platoon.
The contrast of the “woke” bullshit offered by the FUSAA to this was Vomit- Inducing, to say the least.
But again, one has to keep in Mind that the (((bolshevik))) Plan to Take Over a Nation requires that the Military must be stripped of Patriots and anyone else Loyal to the Institution and the Nation. That is Exactly what (((they))) did to Russia a Century ago; the Military Officers were mostly ‘bought off’ with Gold from a (((New York))) Bank, and the People turned against a Ruler who was trying to Modernize a poor, Rural Nation to be like the rest of Europe.
Interestingly Enough, Russia now BANS all dual citizens (of any (((kind))) from serving as Officers in the Military, or even in Enlisted Ranks in units having Nuclear Weapons… meaning pretty much All Combat Arms Branches.