OWS: greed and ignorance on display

I received the following comment on one of my YouTube videos covering Elaine Marshall’s speech at the Raleigh Day of Rebellion:

He [Richard Burr] took his senate seat Jan 5 1995. So its been 16 years. We can call it 20. What does occupy wall street stand for? Try America. Let’s go back to the tax rates that got us out of the great depression. 90% taxes on anyone making over 300,000 a year. It was this way from 1930 tell 1980. middle class family’s had 1 working parent,Health insurance,Social Security,Retired at 60 w full pension,two cars,a paid mortgage,Full X-mas trees and rich people did just fine!!! GO OWS!! GO MARSHALL!!

Sen. Burr was sworn in as a US Senator in 2005 after winning John Edwards’ seat: he has not been in office 20 years as the comment suggested even after I corrected him in one of his earlier rants. Let’s call Elaine Marshall what she is: a traitor to the state and nation. What else would you call an elected official who speaks at a rally for insurrection? Maybe Rep. Faison from Chapel Hill can address this question since he is an attorney who also addressed this crowd and even tried to extend their permit in order to garner their favor (votes).

Occupy Wall Street does not stand for America. There is a fundamental difference between insurrection and restoration that these “well educated” useful idiots do not grasp. Che and Lenin would be proud that these people have not learned the lessons that history repeatedly shown. Chairman Mao would be ecstatic knowing that the president of the United States has a Christmas ornament of him on the White House Christmas tree. Does anyone really doubt that Obama has put our nation on the Road to Socialism along with all of its consequences? The Muslim Brotherhood knows the answer to this question.

OWS is about greed. Greed is expecting someone else to pay for your ignorance because you think you have a right to their assets. Anyone who signs their life away to be an indentured servant to the government (not the banks) in exchange for a useless college education should at least look at the real thieves: the universities and yourself. Anyone who signs a mortgage knowing that they cannot afford it again only has themself to blame. You may also blame the government’s use of blackmail against the banking industry with the Community Reinvestment Act.

What happens if you succeed and eat the so called rich?


Change is coming and it is not what you are expecting but it is what you deserve.

David DeGerolamo

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