This Will Not End Well for Traitors

A picture is worth a thousand words or in the case, the roots of the restoration. Do not forget how this country was stolen and do not forget your duty.

David DeGerolamo

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AMRRON is at Condition Level 2

AmCON-2 as of 20210112-1730hrs Zulu 

Due to multiple major social media and mainstream media services purging President Trump’s accounts and the concerted efforts to silence him, his administration, and his supporters, we are increasing the AmCON to Level-2, indicating an ongoing disruption in conventional communications.

Additionally, there is an evident purge of hundreds of entities and individuals who are being purged and deplatformed for expressing conservative, traditional American, Christian, values and views.  This trend appears to be spreading daily, and sometimes hourly.


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The Declassifications Begin

Be sure to listen to the audio of “January 07, 2019 – Hunter Biden claims to be the personification of terror” on the above link.

David DeGerolamo

h/t A Sleeping Giant

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Trump must Declassify ALL of the dirty secrets and crimes NOW

Oath Keepers - Guardians of The Republic

It is now being reported that President Trump has begun declassifying documents regarding the Russia collusion hoax, and apparently also regarding the Biden family’s corrupt dealings with Ukraine. That is certainly a positive first step, but to really expose the illegitimacy and treason of the Deep State minions, he should go much father, immediately.

Remember, Trump has absolute power as President and Commander-in-Chief to declassify any and all documents he wants – ANY and ALL. That power is absolute because he is the Commander-in-Chief and (top general) and, as President, the top boss of the entire Executive branch. He needs no permission from any other person or entity. And nobody can stop him.

We pointed this out in our recent open letters to President Trump, and I have been beating the drum about this in interviews since the summer.

The Deep State uses the dirty secrets about who has been compromised as their way of controlling politicians, judges, career government bureaucrats, major media personalities, etc. They classify the files on all the dirt as “secret” and then they use that data to control the compromised criminal elite. Those dirty secrets are the “swamp water” that makes up the swamp in DC. It both protects the swamp creatures and controls them.

That should come as no surprise, and it’s nothing new.

This is the same thing that J. Edgar Hoover did during his lifetime tenure as the Director of the FBI. No President dared to even think about firing Hoover because Hoover had a file on EVERYONE. He knew all their dirty secrets, transgressions, indiscretions, and crimes. It’s how he maintained his power for life, (despite being a known cross-dresser in a far more straight-laced America) and he was there for life, in power until the day he died, just like a dictator.


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Who Are “They”?

Visitors stand in front of the quotation from Martin Niemöller that is on display in the Permanent Exhibition of the United States ... [LCID: img4857]

Martin Niemöller’s poem came to mind when Wes called me concerning the FBI visit at his home today. When he wrote the poem, he knew exactly who “they” were. Today, we have no such clear identification. Big tech, mainstream media, federal government, a multitude of three letter alphabet agencies and Democrat useful idiots can be considered “they”.

Replacing “they” in the above poem with “evil” has the same meaning to me:

First they came for the patriots who wanted to make America great again, and I did not speak out because I did not want to see America great again.

We hear that not all [insert Deep State entity] are bad; in fact most are good people. Remember another contemporary of Niemöller:

Bonhoeffer Quotes Evil. QuotesGram

Who will they come for next? An open question that is somewhat rhetorical but everyone should be considering as our country and culture are being cancelled.

David DeGerolamo

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So I Had The FBI Waiting For Me When I Got Home

They are awful worried about Wednesday…

I’ll write more later…


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ARDOP Overview

Amateur Radio Digital Open Protocol

The ARDOP project is a joint development effort among amateur radio developers that seeks to provide a specification and implementation (software or hardware) for a modern versatile open digital protocol.

Target Objectives

  1. Open design: Document and build a modern amateur radio protocol that can be used on a different common OS, computers, tablets and DSP devices and is compatible with both HF and VHF transmission. The protocol should be easily extended. Software implementations will be open sourced. A conformance specification and compatibility test insures compatibility between ARDOP implementations.
  2. Flexible implementation: It is anticipated there will be several implementations compatible with different software and hardware platforms. These include:
    • Software implementations (virtual TNC with “sound card”) on Windows, Linux, Apple and Android OS
    • Hardware implementations using low cost dedicated DSP CPU chips and integrated “sound cards”
  3. Audio bandwidth options: The initial ARDOP protocol is intended to operate in one of four audio bandwidths, 200 Hz, 500 Hz, 1000 Hz, and 2000 Hz. The bandwidth can be forced by server, forced by client or negotiated by the server and client.
  4. Channel adaptability: The protocol is intended to be able to operate over a wide range of data rate and robustness levels by automatically adapting to propagation and channel conditions, seeking the best modulation and bandwidth to maximize net error-free throughput.
  5. Support both FEC and ARQ operation: ARQ (connected) operation insures error free data delivery between two connected stations. FEC (Forward Error Correction) may be used for broadcast (multicast) applications. The bandwidth, modulation mode and repeat level for FEC (multicast) operation is selectable to allow sender tradeoff of robustness and net throughput. Receiver reception requires no setup. Both FEC and ARQ transmission may be monitored by listening parties.
  6. Compliance with US FCC symbol rate rule: The maximum symbol rate on any carrier shall be 300 baud or less for all SSB modes. The protocol shall allow modification extensions to symbol rates above 300 baud if and when the FCC rules are changed.
  7. Strong resistance to multipath propagation: The protocol shall use modern techniques (low symbol rates, OFDM carrier cyclic prefix, 4FSK modulation, path compensation, strong FEC etc. to optimize performance under poor multipath conditions (path delay variation up to 5 ms).
  8. Minimize Interference: The protocol shall minimize the chance of interference with other existing connections on a frequency using modern busy channel detectors and listen before transmit.
  9. Flexible operating modes and radios: The protocol may be used on both HF (SSB mode) and VHF/UHF (SSB or FM mode). Timing parameters are adjusted automatically for ARQ modes to accommodate various transmitter keying options, SDR type radios and the use of carrier or sub tone operated VHF/UHF repeaters.
  10. Compatible with multi language usage: Although the protocol requires ASCII compliant call signs (7 characters plus optional SSID of -1 through -Z), all data is transferred in pure binary insuring protocol compatibility with multi-language character sets like UTF-8.

Available Documents

  • Amateur Radio Digital Open Protocol (ARDOP) Specification (includes detailed specification of all components, bandwidths and operating modes of the protocol)
  • Interface Specification for ARDOP TNC (includes commands and data interface details between host program and ARDOP TNC)
  • ARDOP Frame Info (.xls) includes details on frame timing, coding and FEC and ARQ throughput

Rick Muething, KN6KB
Revision 0.4
March 15, 2015
Minor edits made for presentation here. Download the complete zip archive for the project’s managed documents.

ARDOP Email group for development and testing



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WINMOR is Deprecated

10 July 2020 — The Board of Directors of the Amateur Radio Safety Foundation voted in a recent virtual meeting to deprecate the WINMOR HF mode in the Winlink system. The protocol was introduced by its author Rick Muething, KN6KB, at the 2008 ARRL/TAPR Digital Communications Conference in Chicago. It was the first popular ‘sound card’ radio mode to offer an alternative to HF hardware modems for bulk digital transport. Rick moved on by developing the Amateur Radio Digital Open Protocol (ARDOP), which was introduced in 2015 as a replacement to WINMOR with superior speed, robustness, and multiple bandwidth options. Nevertheless, until recently, WINMOR remained popular for learning and experimentation while other more robust and better-performing new modes became the workhorses of Winlink message transport.

The Winlink Team now devotes its resources to other projects and will drop support for WINMOR on the Winlink system. Other modes offer the same advantages with superior performance.

We request all HF RMS gateway sysops still offering WINMOR to remove it in favor of ARDOP, VARA HF and Pactor 3 or 4, where permitted by local rules. In an upcoming release WINMOR will be removed from Winlink Team software, making way for better, speedier, more robust and modern HF digital modes. WINMOR had a good, long and productive run.

–The ARSFI Board of Directors
–The Winlink Development Team


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FBI To Vet ALL 25,000 National Guard Over Fear Of INSIDE ATTACK On Biden Inauguration

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Personally I believe it has already started.

Anyway make sure and check out the comment section on the video link.


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Why So Scared?


Click here to see the entire PDF.


I hope that people realize what is important in our future. Faith will guide us.

The enemy is afraid of us for the simple fact that we are armed and we outnumber them. They have limited our communications and first amendment rights. If the FCC is “reminding” ham radio operators of their regulations, they realize this avenue of communications is and will be effective. What they don’t realize is that when war breaks out, rules and regulations will not be followed.

You can buy an HF radio and monitor the channels without a general or amateur license. Make sure you can also transmit with a sound card and that Winmor is compromised.

David DeGerolamo

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Black Robe Regiment: Have No Fear

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Wednesday Is “D” Day For America

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Listen: Romans 13 – A interpretation you haven’t heard before

Did Paul always obey authorities? No. Did Peter always obey authorities? No. Did Jesus always obey civil authorities? No, in-fact many times he defied them.

All authority is given by God. This means those who are in power, have power delegated from God. So what about when a corrupt magistrate issues decrees AGAINST God’s Word and law? He MUST be defied. Compliance will only allow tyrants to grow in their evil. Historic acts of defiance have shaped Western civilization.

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Inside the Capitol Siege

When Luke Mogelson attended President Donald Trump’s speech on the National Mall, in Washington, D.C., on January 6th, he was prepared for the possibility that violence might erupt that day. Mogelson, a veteran war correspondent and a contributing writer at The New Yorker, had spent the previous ten months reporting on the radical fringe of Trump supporters, from anti-lockdown militias to fascist groups such as the Proud Boys. After Election Day, he interviewed Trump supporters who showed up at ballot-tabulation sites, and who believed the President’s lies that the results had been “rigged” and his victory “stolen.” At one post-election pro-Trump rally in D.C., Mogelson witnessed racist violence against Black residents of the nation’s capital. At another event, he watched the host of the white-supremacist Web program “America First” declare, “Our Founding Fathers would get in the streets, and they would take this country back by force if necessary. And that is what we must be prepared to do.”

After Trump’s incendiary speech, Mogelson followed the President’s supporters as they forced their way into the U.S. Capitol, using his phone’s camera as a reporter’s notebook. What follows is a video that includes some of that raw footage. Mogelson harnessed this material while writing his panoramic, definitive report, “Among the Insurrectionists,” which the magazine posted online on Friday. (It appears in print in the January 25th issue.) His prose vividly captures how the raging anger and violence of the initial breach of the Capitol was followed by an eerily quiet and surreal interlude inside the Senate chamber, where Mogelson watched people rummaging through desks and posing for photographs. Although the footage was not originally intended for publication, it documents a historic event and serves as a visceral complement to Mogelson’s probing, illuminating report.

Click here to read “Among the Insurrectionists.”


If this is considered to be a riot, how would you classify the “demonstrations” by Antifa and BLM over the past year? The winners write history. Let us hope we win this war and will write the truth.

David DeGerolamo

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