It is COMING and so is Winter!!!

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PET FEAR: Gerbils and hamsters may have to be PUT DOWN to control spread on monkeypox

PET gerbils and hamsters can catch monkeypox and may have to be put down to control its spread, health chiefs have warned.

They said the rodents must be quarantined in a lab for three weeks if a person in their home catches the virus.



But will they qualify for the latest “vaccine”?

David DeGerolamo

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Signature of Doom for the Working Class

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Monkeypox for Children Propaganda

The above video is directed at our children. Comments are disabled (I wonder why).

Want to end monkeypox? Stop homosexual orgies and beastiality.

David DeGerolamo

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Biden’s Debacle


On Aug. 18, 2021, three days after the Taliban seized the capital of Kabul and forced the U.S. Embassy there to evacuate, Biden told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that intelligence did not indicate that a Taliban takeover was likely, despite numerous reports to the contrary. The president also said the U.S. military would “stay” in Afghanistan until all Americans and Afghan allies were evacuated.


Why is Afghanistan forgotten? Biden’s treason is spilling over throughout the region and has a high probability of allowing the Taliban to overthrow the existing nuclear armed Pakistani government. A nuclear armed Taliban supplied with advanced US military hardware because of Biden’s handlers should be one of the top headlines across the world.

Is this our Archduke Ferdinand moment? Our attention is focused on Ukraine and its war against a Russian invasion. It does not take much time to see through that facade. It also will only take one flashpoint to start the WWIII conflagration. Are you watching the Turkish invasion in Syria? Are you watching the Israeli situation? Are you watching Ukraine launching missiles at a nuclear power plant? What about North Korea or Taiwan? Any one of these will be the catalyst for WWIII.

Our world is about to change. There is nothing that I can do or say or write that will change this fact because the overwhelming majority of people cannot fathom the level of evil that is precipitating our destruction. May the Lord show us mercy for what this country has done.

David DeGerolamo

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Intellectual Poetry: Thoughts on Neil Oliver’s Monologue – Viva Clips

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Words have no meaning in Washington

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Vehicle First Aid Kit / Prep – Lessons From a REAL Roadside Rescue

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Far Cry From Freedom

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Boots on the Ground…Aug. 17th…Food pantries are getting a lot more people needing help.

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Prescient Again

from May 7, 2015
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Why I Changed My Mind About Evil! (I Was WRONG)

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Collapse is Going to Happen, Like It or Not

Now, don’t take this to mean that I don’t think institutions aren’t necessary. Institutional capture is definitely important (and likely), but it just won’t be institutions at the federal level. Instead, it would be better to have authority over institutions at the local and state levels which are closer to the actual people we want controlling them (i.e. us). This will especially be the case moving forward as federal institutions become increasingly irrelevant as the present regime bleeds both legitimacy and the capacity to truly enforce its edicts in the face of elements of decentralisation ranging from simple noncompliance to nullification perhaps even to outright secession.

In a very real sense, it would be much better to have someone like DeSantis in control of a large state exercising real power than a neutered Trump filling a slot in DC while being undermined at every turn. Indeed, I suspect that if there is, in fact, a Civil War II it will be due to continually escalated federal violence directed against states and localities that increasingly ignore and/or nullify federal administrative actions. It will come as a result of right-wing control over state and local institutions (the sort of capture that many of the blackpillers themselves would advocate), not because a bunch of “militia hillbillies” start some kind of guerilla war in the back country. I’m not saying such a conflict couldn’t happen, but it will likely be a response to repeated federal provocations, not an initiator of those provocations.

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Stop Calling Them Democrats. They’re Communists

It’s time to stop calling them Democrats.

This is no longer the party of FDR, JFK, or even Bill Clinton, and it’s time to start calling a spade a spade.

Imagine this scenario:

You have a neighbor, Mr. Jones—a kind old man whose wife died years ago, who works in his small garden, wears the same old jacket all the time, and has a funny but genuine laugh.

One day, suddenly, Mr. Jones disappears.

Several days later, you notice some activity in his place—it looks like Mr. Jones—and you go to say hello. But suddenly, you realize this is a stranger. He looks like Mr. Jones, sounds a little like Mr. Jones, and acts in some ways like Mr. Jones. But it’s not him.

This person lives in Mr. Jones’ place, wears his clothes, works in the garden, and even has a strange imitation of his laugh. “Who are you?” you ask. He responds, “Why, I’m Mr. Jones, of course!”

But it’s not him.

This creepy scenario is what has taken place with the Democratic party.

One of the stated goals of communism, from the Congressional Record in 1963, was to take over one or both political parties from within.

They’ve succeeded.

[Let’s] review a few basics:

  • They’re raiding and jailing their political opponents.
  • They’re turning the FBI, CIA, and IRS against American citizens.
  • They’ve come out against freedom of speech, religion, press, the Second Amendment, and other core American ideals.
  • They’ve abandoned the rule of law, and now have one set of laws for themselves and another for the rest of us.
  • They’re deliberately trying to bankrupt us—sometimes directly (through shutting down businesses), sometimes indirectly (through wasting trillions of our dollars.)
  • They’re indoctrinating our children with radical ideologies.
  • They celebrate infanticide.
  • They’re making secret deals with foreign entities against our interests.
  • They’re deliberately keeping our borders wide open to erase our national identity.
  • They mandate groupthink and conformity and punish anyone who doesn’t parrot their chosen narratives, however absurd.
  • They’re purging the best from our military and converting what’s left into a tool of Wokeism.
  • They’ve transformed our once-great American cities into crime-ridden hellscapes.
  • They relentlessly stoke division between everyone and never miss the slightest opportunity to accuse someone or something of being racist, sexist, phobic, supremacist, etc.
  • They constantly work to slander, cancel, and erase our Founding Fathers, American heroes, and America itself. (E.g., they removed the statue of Theodore Roosevelt from the American Museum of Natural History.)
  • They want to defund the police, release criminals from prisons and disarm the rest of us.
  • They defend terrorists. (Joe Biden: “Antifa is an idea, not an organization.”)
  • They’ve ignored the first principle of the Nuremberg Code, which was written in the aftermath of WWII, and which explicitly prohibits coerced consent for experimental medications. (See, e.g., here or here.)
  • They’ve tried to corrupt elections on a national scale.
  • They’ve openly stated their desire to abolish the family structure itself.
  • They’ve threatened to abolish the filibuster, pack the Supreme Court, and dismantle the electoral college system.
  • They’re criminalizing normality on multiple fronts.
  • They’ve taken down American flags and raised other flags in government buildings and city streets, symbolizing their stealth political takeover.
  • Their leaders have literally kneeled to one form of the cause they actually serve in the Capital building.

This list could go on, yet they accuse us of turning against America.

All the above is straight out of the communist playbook.

RTWT here…

EDIT: For those who would criticize the article for not including most of the Republicans, let me do it for you. Yes, most of the Republicans (controlled opposition) also belong in this camp.

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US-Russia Nuclear War Would Kill 5 Billion From Famine Alone: Study

If tensions between Russia and the United States spark an all-out nuclear war between the two rivals, more than five billion people would die from hunger alone, according to a new study in the journal Nature Food

Scientists at Rutgers University projected the amount of soot that would be thrust into the Earth’s atmosphere in a variety of nuclear war scenarios, from smaller exchanges between India and Pakistan to a full-blown war between Russia and the United States.

A relatively modest Indo-Pakistani war would slash the world’s average caloric output by 7% within the first five years — bigger than any disruption humanity has faced thus far. “Even for a regional nuclear war, large parts of the world may suffer famine,” say the study’s authors. 



Imagine a devastating Russian (or Chinese, or Iranian or North Korean) first strike against the United States with nuclear weapons. And Biden surrenders. Which may be the end game that was always planned.

The United States would no longer be a superpower but a defeated, bankrupted nation. Our “leaders” would all be celebrating at their plan Bs as the people who survived the initial attacks die from radiation or starvation. All because we allowed our Republic to be stolen over the course of multiple elections.

Remember the Wokestopo if this comes to pass:

David DeGerolamo

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