Waiting and Watching

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Michael Savage Predicts ‘Decades of Darkness’ Even if Trump Wins 2nd Term

Conservative radio icon Michael Savage expressed doubt about the future of the United States in an interview with Breitbart News, warning that a second term for President Donald Trump would be the “last gasp” of the country. “No, I’m pessimistic,” Savage, host of nationally-syndicated broadcast The Savage Nation and The Savage Nation Podcast, said when asked if he is hopeful for the country’s future. “I think Donald Trump, even if he wins a second term, it is the last gasp of America as we know it. I think we’re going to enter years and years, if not decades of darkness.” Savage pointed to the continuous flow of illegal immigration from South America into the U.S. as the chief source of his melancholy assessment. “I see the mass of illegal immigrants, who are illiterate even in their own language. They have none of our shared values. They will never be Americans and embrace the values that built this country,” he explained. “They’ve been steeped in hatred for this nation by the media and the universities. And they have a very dim view of our nation, even though they love the benefits that have accrued from far better people than them.”


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Fox’s Three Stooges

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Checkers vs Chess – Civil War 2?

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Confederate monument is removed from downtown Pittsboro

The Confederate monument outside the Chatham County courthouse was taken down overnight, with crews removing the base early Wednesday.

About 50 people who supported and opposed the monument gathered in downtown Pittsboro as the work began Tuesday night. The statue was taken off its base around 2 a.m. Wednesday, and the base was removed around 5:30 a.m.


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Appomattox County declares itself a ‘Second Amendment sanctuary.

Following a trend rippling across Virginia counties, Appomattox County has declared itself a “Second Amendment Sanctuary,” uniting behind its intention to “oppose unconstitutional restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms.”

The declaration comes in the wake of Campbell County’s Nov. 7 resolution naming itself a “Second Amendment Sanctuary” — inspired by Carroll County’s similar resolution in April. Several other localities across the state plan to consider the topic in coming weeks.

The Appomattox County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed the resolution to the applause of the more than 100 people who had crammed into the board room Monday night. Every seat was filled, and dozens stood against the walls of the room to show support for the resolution.

Appomattox residents showed up in full force, and some people even came from counties away. For many it was their first time at a board of supervisors meeting, spurred to action by the threat of the newly elected Democratic majority in the statehouse.

“This is the silent majority,” said Troy Carter, gesturing at the crowd filling the hall outside the board room doors. “And they’re waking up.”

Carter is a resident of Amelia County, whose board plans to discuss the topic in the coming days, according to Carter.

He said the issue has snowballed during the past week and a half, and residents are mobilizing to defend their second amendment rights from any potential state legislation they feel would limit their rights to keep and bear arms. Carter noted the resolution was largely symbolic.

“These delegates do not hold our beliefs, they don’t know what its like to be out in the country,” Carter said. “If something happens in the country, we have to defend ourselves.”

Appomattox resident Jeff Brown said he spent the day rallying folks at Kroger and Walmart, informing them of the resolution being considered by the Appomattox supervisors, and encouraging them to show their support.

“He wants to take [our guns] away,” Brown said of Gov. Ralph Northam’s intention to pass gun legislation at the start of the new year. “It has to stop. I’m going to do whatever I can.”

Though the resolution is not legally binding, it does convey the county’s “intent that public funds of the County not be used to restrict Second Amendment rights” and their intention “to oppose unconstitutional restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms through such legal means as may be expedient, including without limitation, court action.”

Appomattox County Attorney Tom Lacheney said the resolution serves to reaffirm the board’s support and belief in its constitutional right.

“There is nothing the governor can do about our resolution,” Lacheney said. “Whether the governor goes about trying to usurp rights, that is an issue that I’m sure we will have to face down the road.”

Falling River District Supervisor Chad Millner said the resolution followed numerous calls and emails from citizens.

“When we were all elected, we all swore an oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution, as well as our rights as citizens. Through this resolution, this board is keeping with that sentiment.”

After the unanimous vote, Appomattox resident Thomas Conrad told the board “you did the right thing.”

He compared efforts to restrict Second Amendment rights to George Orwell’s “1984,” saying they illustrate a “systematic situation where people’s freedoms were taken away.”

“You’ve got a vast majority of people here that are law abiding citizens, and yet we’ve got a legislature that wants to infringe on that and punish us,” Conrad said. “We cannot allow that to happen.”

Pittsylvania County plans to vote on a similar resolution Tuesday night.

The Appomattox resolution can be read at https://bit.ly/2O1u5PO.

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A Good Read On PsyOps in Guerrilla Warfare

One of the most frequent questions I get, whether it’s in class, comments on posts, or in emails, is folks lamenting about what ‘they can be doing now’, normally resigned to the fact that the declining situation of US politics are outside their control. Not so. In fact, much can and should be done, with the more done today the better set our side will be tomorrow. Its important to recognize the parallels of our present state to the many failed states that have fallen to Communism before. For their side, it is yet another Revolution. And amid a desire for return to normalcy, the counter to that revolution is the lone answer. It begins with mindset and awareness, the groundwork for which can and should be laid now. Written in the mid 80s and released just two years ago, the CIA’s manual on Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare is a good primer on the very real role Partisans should be playing.

In order to obtain the maximum results from the psychological operations in guerrilla warfare, every combatant should be as highly motivated to carry out propaganda face to face as he is a combatant. This means that the individual political awareness of the guerrilla of the reason for his struggle will be as acute as his ability to fight.

Written to train the Contras fighting the Revolutionary Sandinista Government in Nicaragua, the manual is a how-to in laying that necessary groundwork. In the last Advanced RTO Course we talked about some of the underground means by which guerrillas can accomplish this, drawing on the very real examples we find already at work in the domestic US among the hardline communist Left embedded around every college town. Among them are the creation of guerrilla radio stations using common off the shelf equipment while also creating a means to send clandestine messages to direct action and support cells who may only have an FM radio receiver.

As we’re seeing now with the blatant lies and misdirection spun by a Marxist-managed Congress, nothing will satisfy them until the will of the forgotten American Man has been cast aside. Make no mistake, Trump is the beginning, and any victory given to them is a greenlight towards the next step. And while what happens in the swamp is far outside your own purview, preparing your Area of Influence against the communists is directly within your control.

There’s a lot to be done now- and none of it includes waiting until they’re on your doorstep as the Fudds enjoy pointing out. What good is them on your doorstep going to do when they can just burn the house down? Your preparation includes a healthy supply of equipment, such as extra weaponsmags and ammomedical gearfood and training to actually use your gear in an effective way is a whole lot better.


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My Utmost 11/20

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The Plague

Communism is a plague that must be eradicated from our country. It also needs to be wiped clean from the face of the earth.

Most Americans know the nation as they have understood it is fundamentally at risk. We are smarter than the ruling class believes, they know no matter how loudly the communist controlled media screams to the contrary, this Cold Civil War is not about Donald Trump. It’s about the future of a divinely inspired idea called America. Taking down Trump is a proxy for taking down America, it’s about taking down the idea of individual freedom and self-government; ultimately, it’s about taking down the idea of God.

The government doesn’t exist to rule us, we are to govern ourselves, and the government’s job is to protect our right to do so. We won’t stand for a tyrannical mob telling us what we can do with our lives, how much of what we earn we can keep, what our carbon footprint can be, what food and drink we can consume, what temperature our thermostat can be set to, what and where and from whom we shall obtain healthcare. We owe faithfulness and obedience to the God of the Bible, to live as best we can in accord with the ideal of loving our neighbor as ourselves, but we don’t need legislators to tell us how to do that.

Communism is like a virus. Communists are a disease, a cancer of this planet. Communists are a plague and We the People are going to be the cure.

Many Communists seem to be waking up to the fact that they may have pushed us to far. Now they are saying things like I’ll quit talking bad about conservatives and Trump supporters. We need to cool down. Just let it go.

Sorry the cats out of the bag. You communist have shown us who you are. You have shown us your intentions. You aim to rule us with an iron fist. To that we say NO! What are you going to do about it?

We are done with your two tiered justice system. We are done with your corruption being flaunted in our face and you smirking at us like, yeah so , what are you going to do about it.

Your thirst for power has caused you to let your mask slip. You have been exposed. We see who you are. You’re human just like us. You can bleed just like us. You can suffer just like us. Your communist ideas have no place in this world.

So what will make this Cold Civil War go Hot? It’s a question I’ve been often asked and I have asked myself. The only answer I can seem to come up with is Guts. We have long since been morally justified to take the fight to this government. Hell you don’t even have to look that hard. Just look at recent history. For President Trump and his supporters, there are countless investigations and, in some cases, prosecutions. For the corrupt members of the Obama administration, the Deep State operatives and associates of Hillary Clinton, a totally different standard. The communists walk free. Those who dare stand against them have been imprisoned or constantly harassed and their lives destroyed. So more of us need the guts to do what needs doing.

I’m tired of having half of everything I make forcefully taken and wasted by this government. I’m tired of our children being corrupted from this government. I’m tired of feeling like a stranger in my country.

The smallest minority on earth is the individual. So individually we need to figure out how far we are willing to go to fight this evil in our society. At some point these communists are going escalate this war. For you see they can not coexist with those of us who love freedom. I have no intention of fighting fair. A dark time in our history is face approaching.

There are those that say much discomfort needs to come first before people will be willing to fight. To that I ask how much more discomfort is required?

To the Communist Elite Ruling Class, you have been warned. What we are going to do to you communist bastards will be talked about for thousands of years.

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My Utmost 11/19

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The Builders, by Robert Gore

Where liberty is, there is my country.
Benjamin Franklin

Debt is any enemy of government’s perfect ally. The more a government borrows the more it’s weakened. The consequences of debt, required repayment of principal, and compounding interest are inexorable, forestalled by central bank and government machinations but never prevented. The longer they forestall the more severe the consequences. Central banks and governments have fostered the world’s greatest debt bubble and promoted negative interest rates to facilitate it. An unprecedented tsunami of debt has creditors paying borrowers to lend them money. This weird and anomalous combination, impossible in a world without central banking, portends global disaster.

The enemies of government have only to wait. When the reckoning arrives, governments will find they no longer have the means to wage war or control their populations (see “The Illusion of Control,” Part 1 and Part 2, Robert Gore, SLL ). Their demands on their nations’ productive taxpayers and their depreciation of currencies have stripped their countries of their wealth and ability to produce. Be it by creditors, revolutionaries, or invaders, or some combination of the three, these governments will be toppled and replaced by something new. It’s a story as old as human history.


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Dear Santa

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Bill Maher Warns Of Second Civil War, Vows To Tone Down Anti-Trump Jokes

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The Groyper Revolt: Civil War on the Right

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Are Doctors and Nurses the New Secret Police? The Unholy Alliance with DCS

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