Pick Up This Sword

There are a lot of good ideas at the site Amerika.org.
I don’t always agree with what I read there, but often I do.  The article Fighting Back With A Sword Of Beauty struck a chord with me today.
Here is a quote:

Crowdism can strike at any time. It isn’t one party, or one political alignment. All leftists are Crowdists, but right-wingers can modify conservatism to become Crowdist also. The Crowdist idea is equality before judgment; the anti-Crowdist is results before privileges.

How do we destroy this horror, this lurking moronic menace that reduces people to zombies chanting out zombie automaton ideology? I think it’s wrong to try to destroy it; better is to take that energy and focus it on ourselves, and on making communities of beauty.

This is a lot harder than destroying something.

However, it’s also a useful exercise. If you build something beautiful and highly functional, the zombies will try to come destroy it. They may even succeed. But the fact is that you’ve made them go after you, instead of being a credible enemy to them.

Further, you’re showing people the most important thing possible: they don’t have to join the zombie march. In fact, outside zombie-ness there’s a beautiful world to discover. You break the peer pressure hold over them by showing that the Crowd is wrong.


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