Reflections from the Spring 2013 PATCON

The TCCC (Tactical Casualty Combat Care) course should be considered mandatory training for every prepper group. I was not expecting the simulated training exercise with AR-15s and blanks (nor Dr. Dan being the point man who was shot and rescued). This course focuses on what I considered essential training for our future. Unfortunately, there will be no helicopters at a landing zone to take our wounded to a hospital.

Contact Dave Coffman for customized training:


Good speakers, discussions, food and door prizes. It took forty minutes to hand out the door prizes. We may have to implement a rule to charge Yankees more per ticket next time. I am making videos as quickly as possible and should have all videos up by Wednesday. Although we started at 10:00 AM, we ended the final discussion at 7:30 PM. Three observations:

1. The hard core patriots stayed after the raffle and food was over.

2. The people who attended the last discussion understand our true situation.

3. The people who attended the last discussion understand how God is working in our lives.

David DeGerolamo

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8 years ago

If I had more than one day to train you guys, there is a whole world of knowledge untapped which will amaze and confound you, especially those already steeped in the traditional medical arts. I very much enjoyed having you in the class.


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Israel III
8 years ago

Charge more for us yankees? That is just sillyness. However, I can tell you that the items won will be used to their fullest potential. Except the Lynyrd Skynyrd that I won, I gave that to Alan’s daughter to match her shotgun she won last year. 🙂
In Liberty,

Israel III
8 years ago
Reply to  DRenegade

Thank you, I will definitely take the time to look through the videos. I think had we all had radio pouches or at least determined hand signals, it would have been a little better communication. Live and Learn. At least it was practice and not the real deal, otherwise that would have been a costly lesson.
In Liberty,