Remember Lot’s Wife: Diabolical Narcissism, the Overarching Global Pathology

I believe Bergoglio is a Diabolical Narcissist and is actually at war with God.  All of the signs and tells are there – by the man’s own words.

But DN is EVERYWHERE in the Church, including Traddyland.  The big tell amongst Trads is hyper liturgical fetishism.  I’m all about excellence in liturgy, but when you see people raging and throwing shit-fits over how many inches a priest moves his hand when blessing a cruet, or some such, RED. FLIPPING. FLAG.  As I was warned a while back by a wise priest who has been around more than one block, “My dear, NEVER mistake liturgical fetishism for religion….”  Indeed.

Now, some of these infiltrators, such as Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, I don’t think ever had any faith at all.  Bernardin was recruited into satanism out of the gay underground scene at USC in Columbia, SC.  He was then placed into the Church by satanists already inside the Vatican.  The Bella Dodd testimony confirms that Communists specifically planted agents who never had a shred of faith.  But, those infiltrators then selected and promoted DNs, and remember, almost 100% of homosexuals are DNs to one degree or another.  Not all DNs are homosexual, but almost all homosexuals and sex perverts in general are DNs.  So, a really easy way to load a population with DNs is to simply recruit and promote sex perverts, namely faggots as priests and lesbians as nuns in the case of the Church.

And thanks to Mike Matt for the kind words in his prologue.  He has received considerable flack for publishing me.  Do consider subscribing to The Remnant or giving them a straight-up donation.  They are good folks, fighting the good fight.


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