Rep Renee Ellmers weak on immigration control – take action

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

Congresswoman Renee Ellmers from North Carolina says we need immigration reform that is in line with the realities facing “undocumented” people (what about the realities facing unemployed citizens and the taxpayers).  She has become too cozy with cheap labor interests who want an amnesty (she meets frequently with cheap labor business groups and the Farm Bureau, but rarely with her own local constituents).  She has also made comments supporting illegal immigrants getting legal work status (she apparently is ignorant that North Carolina’s unemployment rate is the third highest and worst in the nation —  and that over 20 million citizens in the USA are either unemployed or want but cannot find a full-time job).  She says immigration reform is essential for growing the American economy (this is a code phrase for more legal immigration beyond the one million legal immigrants already allowed to immigrate to the USA each year). 

Congresswoman Ellmers frequently focuses only on the border and controlling it.  Remember that any member of Congress that focuses mostly on the border only (like Senator John McCain and a host of others) and not in concert with other enforcement measures is not serious about real immigration enforcement.


She restricts who can email her, so call her at one of these numbers:

Toll free to her Dunn, NC office –  (877) 645-8764 or

(202) 225-4531 at her Washington, DC office

Tell Congresswoman Ellmers that any “pathway to legal work status or citizenship” for illegal alien immigrants is bad for unemployed citizens and bad for our nation.  Where is her concern for unemployed citizens and our horrible unemployment rate in North Carolina?  We need enforcement only (enforce existing laws), require E-Verify for all businesses to check new and existing employees, control our borders, and finish implementing a thorough entry and exist system to make sure we know who comes into our  Country and whether they ever leave (one third of illegal immigrants originally came to the USA on a short term legal visa or as a tourist and never left, hence becoming an illegal alien).  Outside of allowing maybe the 5,000 smartest people on the Earth to immigrate to the USA each year, we already have plenty of smart, educated, and talented Americans who are unemployed.

Thank you and send this information to your friends and associates.


Ron Woodard

(919) 460-8156

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