Representative Hall – WE ARE NOT COLORADO

I will be posting videos concerning House Judiciary Subcommittee A today but I would like to address the Colorado issue brought up as a defense against passing the Taxpayers Bill of Rights (HB 188). We cannot be distracted by comparing what happens in Colorado (or any other state) to issues in North Carolina. I think this may be a feint and more attacks will be launched at the next meeting against this legislation.

I am familiar with Colorado and their economic collapse over the past ten years. We share some similar economic issues with Colorado such as an uncontrolled illegal alien (sorry Mr. Brandon for being political incorrect in your eyes) population, voter fraud and a housing bubble. However, Colorado has undergone a process called Californication that we have not. Click the following link from Google to get over one million articles concerning this phenomenon in Colorado.

Here is an excerpt from one of these articles from the Eagle County Times:

Democrats achieving Californication of Colorado

Californicationis a song by The Red Hot Chili Peppers, a somewhat ominous ode to a self-absorbed society bent on self-destruction with such lyrics as “… tidal waves couldn’t save the world, from Californication.” Today, it defines a decade of unsavory politics that have Democrats closing in on the Californication of Colorado.

Some political observers will point to a mass migration of Californians to Colorado in the mid 1990s, just as the Golden State was experiencing a surge in taxes and crime and a downturn in housing. With all the fervor of someone proved wrong once, some of these new arrivals set out to save Colorado from itself.

Prior to the 2004 election, the duly elected GOP-controlled Colorado Legislature had passed a redistricting plan, one showing slight favor to Republicans – as is the custom of the party in control, but Colorado’s Democrat-controlled Supreme Court overruled the plan in a nearly unprecedented decision. State Democrats knew well that state media would defend the court’s politically contrived decision and thereby dampen the ensuing protests.


Whether it is Democrats, Liberals, ACLU attorneys or any other appellation that you want to apply, we must stop the out of control spending in our state. I hope that political brinkmanship will not be replaced with patriot marksmanship if our state or country undergoes an economic collapse.

When Randy Dye loudly exclaimed “WE ARE NOT COLORADO” right after the meeting was adjourned, Rep. Hall (D) from Durham took offense and wanted to know who was responsible for this outburst. I agree with Mr. Dye and we need to concentrate on North Carolina, not Colorado.

David DeGerolamo

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11 years ago

It is just a matter of time before the whole U.S. experiences Californication I fear. It seems there are more of them than us. I recall when Focus on the Family chose to move their headquarters to Colorado, from Southern California. It wasn’t long before the far left-leaning progressives began their attacks on FOF and everything they stand for -- basically taking down traditional families and traditional family values. With their success in California, Colorado and other states, they are encouraged to keep going. They got their hands into the Supreme Court in Iowa and got gay marriage legalized, while the mostly conservative population of Iowa was busy going about living their lives. I think North Carolina is a new target for them and without honorable politicians in office that will take a stand for what is right at the cost of possibly losing the next election, we have no way to stop them. They are sad times in the U.S. currently!