What Is 11-299?

There are many people who are fighting for principles and our country. Most of these people are disparaged for their good work by others due to fear, jealousy or other motives (usually political aspirations).  Isaac Hutchinson Birch is fighting for the return of lawful government under the Constitution to the state of North Carolina.

Mr. Birch is a citizen of the North Carolina American Republic. Under Article 4 Section 4 of our Constitution:

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

Our state’s government was usurped by the Reconstruction Acts. The constitutionality of this legislation hasnever been adjudicated before the Supreme Court. Mr. Birch has pursued the question of who represents the lawful government in North Carolina in conjunction with John Ainsworth and NCAR. Mr. Birch’s court case has now reached the appellate court in Raleigh:


We encourage everyone who is able to send financial support to Mr. Birch and to attend this important case in Raleigh when it is scheduled. The letter below is the latest victory in this case for Mr. Birch and North Carolina citizens.

David DeGerolamo

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Isaac Hutchison Birch
10 years ago

Hello friends and fellow freedom-loving Americans,
I humbly request assistance for the Appellate Court filing fees. Below is an excerpt for the NORTH CAROLINA RULES OF APPELLATE PROCEDURE-Appendix F:

Costs for printing documents are $1.75 per printed page. The appendix to a brief under the transcript option of Rules 9(c) and 28(b) and (c) will be reproduced as is, but billed at the rate of the printing of the brief. Both appellate courts will bill the parties for the costs of printing their documents.
Court costs on appeal total $9.00, plus the cost of copies of the opinion to each party filing a brief, and are imposed when a notice of appeal is withdrawn or dismissed, or when the mandate is issued following the opinion in a case.

My brief is 237 pages, totaling $414.75. An Amicus Curiae Brief and response brief will be following, as well. I know the economy is terrible; I am suffering under this burden, as well, however your assistance would be greatly appreciated in helping to cover these costs.

This is the single most important issue in law -- victory in this will remove the cornerstone upon which every unconstitutional act, that has come out of Washington City, is built upon. It will restore our republics and the Union to the former Constitutional splendor that we all have been so desperately fighting to restore.

I am, very respectfully,
Isaac Hutchison Birch

The blogspot listed in this post has information on this case, and a paypal donation button.

Isaac Hutchison Birch
10 years ago

Correction: My name shown on the post is a hyperlink to the blogspot web page