Right Outside Your Door: If An FBI Agent Knocks

Because of current events, and while the experience Wes had is fresh in our minds, now is probably a pretty good time to remind everyone of these words of wisdom:
Never, EVER talk to the FBI. Silence is not a crime. Never let them enter your home, unless they have a warrant, and if they do, be sure to call your local sheriff’s office to request a deputy be there.

If you find yourself compelled to speak to the FBI, HAVE YOUR LAWYER PRESENT. Until your lawyer gets there, SAY NOTHING. Never, EVER talk to the FBI.

Don’t get caught by surprise. ANTICIPATE and ASSUME that the FBI will come to your home, knock on your door, or invade your place of work.


They will try to catch you in a lie, or confuse and rattle you into saying something that may not be entirely accurate, even if it’s not a lie. THIS IS WHAT THEY DO, and they’re very good at it. Then, they will charge you with a crime. Lying to an FBI agent is a serious federal crime and you can face up to 5 years in prison. Say nothing, and if you start to say something, shut the hell up. When they come to you, they are not your friends. Don’t talk to them, and politely ask them to leave. If you remember nothing else, remember this word: LAWYER.

Just like you never consent to a search of your home or vehicle, never, EVER talk to the FBI… nothing good will ever come of it.

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1 year ago

These guys are known nationally as F.B.Lie for a variety of very well known reasons.

Spend the two hundred bucks being questioned by them in your attorney’s office with his tape recorder running for all to see. It will be money well spent. And invite the F.B.Lie most cordially cordially to attend, that is why you ask for a business card from them. So they can be cordially invited….

Bet the snakes from FBLie will not even show up….or if they do and see the recorder, they will slink away like the snakes that they are..

1 year ago

Strange world when evil masquerades as the good guys but this is what we have to accept. Sage advice for all law enforcement.

1 year ago

Sad state of affairs when the institutions we were taught are pillars of civic virtue have turned to the dark side. When exactly did they stop teaching civics in school?

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been approached by two friends regarding posts I made where I regurgitated openly stated comments in a blog linked to by Aesop at raconteur report, telling me to please not do that again because they don’t want me to be visited.

As a designer, engineer, creator, builder, I know how things work, I recognize things others don’t see. Knowing how to build means you know how to tear down. I sited several examples of how the gray patriot could really gum up the works in a denial of service endeavor to govt. using basic household items. Again, I read it, understood it, and regurgitated it. It made people nervous. Do I “plan” to do anything? No, not at this time. I hope things change course and I don’t need to. I want to be left alone, but it looks like that won’t be an option because the forces of darkness want control.

I agree with the commenter in Wes’ post: ask for a copy of what you said that is so concerning to them. As in my case, that alarmed people, I was regurgitating open posts and comments and the point is that the infrastructure we all rely on for comfort is fragile, that’s why we prep.

1 year ago

Remember General Flynn. They came to him in the White House and when he asked if he should get a lawyer, they told him something along the lines of, “Oh, no! This is only an informal inquiry, you don’t need a lawyer!” He needed a lawyer.