Russia Today Reporting On The AFP Dinner Violence

Who is reporting the violence in Washington, DC against people attending the Americans For Prosperity Summit Dinner? What statement is made when Russia Today is reporting on the violence in our nation’s capital against true Americans? It means that they know we are at a tipping point and they are more than willing to help the administration overthrow our country and join their Communist comrades in the New World Order.

David DeGerolamo


On November 4, Occupy DC demonstrators had gathered to protest the Defending the American Dream summit at the Washington Convention Center. Occupy DC marched from McPherson Square to the convention center Friday evening – when a driver plowed into the crowd of protesters, injuring two. Police officers had let the driver go. This prompted angry cries from the crowd, at which point officers started scuffling with protesters, in the end arresting 3 of the demonstrators in the street.


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