This Is The Beginning of the Second American Civil War

As reported yesterday (November 4th, 2011), the expectation for violence this weekend’s threat level was elevated to high. Although several readers took exception to this article, the following account from Forbes details the attack on people who attended the Americans for Prosperity summit in Washington, DC.

If the police are unable to contain violence by the occupation in the nation’s capital, what message is this sending to our police and law-abiding citizens? And where is the government’s response to these actions supported by the president and various other Democrat politicians?

The following video shows the use of children to achieve the end result of marginalizing police:

The police now understand the consequences of Socialism and how they will be used as pawns to overthrow the government using the Cloward-Piven Strategy. The people who have worked for the American Dream in the private sector are the next group to be sacrificed. The Second American Civil War is starting to unfold: which side will you choose?

David DeGerolamo

Occupy The Koch Brothers: Violence, Injuries, And Arrests At DC Protest

As the sun set over the Washington, D.C. convention center where the Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s summit was being held, hundreds of protesters from various Occupy movements and nonprofits including Greenpeace gathered outside to rally against the Koch brothers’ involvement in politics. The two are notorious backers of conservative candidates and causes; the nonprofit arm of Americans for Prosperity raised and spent $45 million on last November’s midterm elections. The group plans to double that spend on the 2012 election.

From 7pm onwards, as AFP Foundation guests enjoyed a ‘Tribute to Ronald Reagan’ dinner in the vast ballroom on the center’s 3rd floor, between 500 and 1,000 protesters began marching, chanting, and organizing. AFP representatives and convention staff appeared to alternate between disbelief  and fear when the protest began to escalate at about 8pm, watching as the rally reached a violent tipping point.

Occupiers, many of whom had their faces obscured by masks or bandanas, began banging on the transparent glass walls and doors of the building, demanding entrance, then attempting to gain access by pushing their way in when guests came or went. Eventually all doors bar one at L Street were locked, with AFP guests and accredited press able to do nothing but stand inside and watch the clash intensify, with a line of police and security guards manning the locked doors at the Mt Vernon St entrance.


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