So, Does the ‘Oath’ Mean Anything?

Many Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and others have decided to withhold their consent to be ‘governed’ in the coming election by not voting. The reasons for that abstention should, by now, be obvious. Anyone reading this column will have undoubtedly run across at least several articles urging them to join the growing ranks of those of us who have just had enough of the lies, corruption, fraud, and outright criminal behavior of our so called ‘representatives’.

For any who still feel under some patriotic or moral obligation to participate in the charade at the polls, allow me to make one final appeal to your common sense; the ‘oath’.

The oath of office that all Federal elected officials place their hands on a Bible and voluntarily swear includes the words, ‘… to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic’. I challenge the reader to name one representative, with the possible exception of Congressman Ron Paul, who has made a serious attempt to honor their oath of office.

The Constitution is not a difficult document to read and understand. Yes, there is some wording that requires a return 18th Century context, but this should not tax the intelligence of anyone who is able to attain elective office in this day and age.

My final appeal to the reader is quite simple. Why would any intelligent person support those who not only fail, knowingly, to uphold their oath to protect and defend the Constitution, but also willingly ignore its content through voting for unconstitutional legislation and/or violate it by way of executive fiat? It appears to me that such action is plainly treasonous. And, no, treason is not only making war against ones own nation. It also includes betrayal of trust or confidence, a la the betrayal of the oath of office and, most importantly, betrayal of the Constitution, itself.

Now, it could be argued that the writer’s stance here is a bit extreme. However, one of our Founders suggested that, “Extremism in pursuit of liberty is no vice,” or words to that effect. So even if one accuses this writer of being extreme in his position, he will take refuge and comfort in the knowledge that his motivation is liberty.

It is long past time that those of us who desire a restoration of our Republic withhold our consent to be governed by the criminals, traitors, and tyrants who have ascended to power. The best way to peacefully do so is to refuse to participate in Federal elections, and by so doing remove any moral authority the corrupt occupants of Federal office have over us.

I remember an old song whose lyrics included the line, “What if they had a war and nobody came?” Well, what if the Feds held and election and nobody voted? Think that might send a message?

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8 years ago

While the premise of this article revolves around voting in the upcoming election, the question regarding the worth of the “oath” is much larger. Where are the Oath Keepers? The Constitution is not followed by our federal government (NDAA, Free Speech, Declaration of War, Enumerated Powers are a few examples). The current coverup in Benghazi continues because our military leaders will be jailed if they honor their oath.

So what is the price of honoring the oath to the Constitution? Liberty. But in our country, we must instead ask what is the price of dishonoring the oath to the Constitution? Are the leaders in the government and military willing to accept the consequences of their cowardice?