So I was curious, What’s your take on the whole 2A Sanctuary movement?

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I was sent an email asking for my opinion on the 2nd Amendment sanctuary movement. Since a large part of my business is laser etching firearms, I have a FFL. I also am a licensed NRA rifle instructor and range safety officer. There are other examples showing my support of the 2nd Amendment but here is something else to consider: is the 2nd Amendment more important than our God given right to defend ourselves?

Our forefathers just codified this right as an amendment to the Constitution to clarify that its purpose was to keep the federal government in check by the people. So let me return to the above question that started this post: If you have to beg for your rights, you really don’t have them. If you believe that the passage of 2A sanctuary status in Virginia counties will make a difference, then you have to ask how? If the multitude of soldiers and people who have sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution have not stood up to the tyranny in Washington, D.C., why do you think the people in Virginia will stand up when it gets real? Remember Randy Weaver, WACO and LaVoy Finicum?

I live in Cherokee County, NC which is a gun (not 2A) sanctuary county since March 2019. Here is a snippet from the news:

The declaration passed last week is considered mainly symbolic, since commissioners in North Carolina get their authority from the state.

Did you know that the state can remove and install county commissioners in North Carolina if they “deem” them to be in violation of state laws? Although this declaration sounds good, it is a symbolic gesture that was used for political pandering.

Let’s look at this from another viewpoint: what would I do if I was against the 2nd Amendment:

1. I would draft and pass as many different resolutions and laws to restrict the right to bear arms. When I and others were actively working against the Obama revolution, we had neither the financial resources, time or organizational skills necessary to fight the multitude of “measures” that were being thrown at us. If we concentrated on one, they would push another issue. It did not matter if it was health care, climate change, energy production, education, 2nd Amendment or something else. The tactic was to overwhelm us. We saw the success of this methodology which resulted in the destruction of the American Dream.

2. Once the structure was in place, I would start to fine people for their “transgressions”. Nothing is more effective than destroying leaders’ families through bankruptcy. It is safer, effective and will allow them to sway public opinion through the media. Imagine the headlines:

Another White Supremacist arrested and fined for (insert propaganda).

Communists understand that time is on their side.

3. Once the tide starts to turn, I would make some high profile arrests which included confiscations. Imagine a picture of a man and his collection of firearms and ammunition designed to “shock” the average person. Throw in some made up story concerning what he (and his accomplices) were going to do and others will start to question their associations and actions.

4. Have the FBI then interrogate these terrorists and coerce signed confessions from them to protect their families. Do you know the conviction rate of the DOJ? There is a reason it is over 90%.

5. Rinse and repeat.

6. Wait.

7. Take control of a subjugated population.

How do we win? We must understand that our right to protect ourselves is a God given right as stated above. If we do not believe this, we are denying the Word of God. We must also understand that any compromise with the state will result in our enslavement or death. We have to understand that they will do anything to accomplish their goals. We have to believe that Freedom and Liberty come with a high price. We have to be willing to pay that price for our children.

David DeGerolamo

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Firm Believer
2 years ago

I live in York County Virginia. We are active in the gun sanctuary movement in our county & our son is active in his county James City County. Please remember us in your prayers because we
are going to need it. Thanks !

2 years ago

I think these non-binding resolutions are weak. Instead, these counties need to be passing laws making it a crime to confiscate guns that is punishable by time in jail. Then just start arresting state or fed bois.

2 years ago

David -- -- Well said !!

To answer your question about the utility of a county wide 2dn Amendment sanctuary, there is one value which should not be overlooked: It is a Rally Point that has helped focus the commonly held belief of the people and seems to have united them into professing a vigilance that should have been present at all times.

But people are lazy. They are ignorant of what is transpiring and lulled into believing that tomorrow will be just like yesterday (Normalcy Bias). The gun sanctuary movement has at least been a catalyst to bring out the people and to, for once, take a stand. There is much value in this movement in the reinforcing of community cohesiveness, since this issue is supported by blacks and whites. And it elevates a true priority over petty squabbles most county leaders deal with. It certainly is a teaching point that even the worst guvamint schools cannot cover-up and dismiss.

Yes, it should have never gotten to this point, but the Rhinocrats don’t like to roll up their sleeves and mix with Joe Sixpacks/Suzie Kews of society. This newly arising populism will do much to clean out Rhinocrat leadership, IMHO. Gun Sanctuary counties may not be the thing that turns around the DemonicRat push for disarming citizens, but it at least is a starting point.

Rabbi Will
Rabbi Will
2 years ago

I think those county officials will fold like a cheap box !wait till a little pressure is applied and see what they are made of. The people of Virginia may be a different story however!

2 years ago

when the government acts to remove the citizens right to keep and bear arms, it is the citizens duty to remove the governments means to govern. George Washington
our fore fathers would have been stacking bodies for some time now.
I pray it does not come to that, but am prepared for the worst if it comes.

Wes Rhinier
2 years ago

Thanks for writing this David. I couldn’t have said it any better.

a follower
a follower
2 years ago

“A right you have to buy back from the government is not a right.”
Asking permission from the government does not seem like a God given Right.
“How do we win?”
Live it well. Spread the simple Truth.
Do not be overwhelmed by ‘the’ Very intentional fear mongering and chaos!