As if all the operations around finance in this land were not already unsound and degenerate enough, the alleged president just cancelled moral hazard altogether. It’s now official: from here forward there will be no consequences for banking fraud, poor decision-making, fiduciary recklessness, self-dealing, or any of the other risks attendant to the handling of other people’s money. Bailing out the Silicon Valley Bank and Barney Frank’s deluxe Signature Bank means that the government will now have to bail out every bank every time something goes wrong.

 The trouble, of course, is that the government doesn’t have the means to bail out every bank. Its only resort is to ask the Federal Reserve to summon new money from a magic ether where the illusion of wealth is conjured to paper-over ever greater fissures in the splintering matrix of racketeering that America has become. That will quickly translate into US dollars losing value, that is, accelerating inflation, which is how nature punishes you when your government lies and pretends that it has a bad situation well-in-hand.

     Be advised: the situation is not in-hand and is going to get a whole lot worse as new and subsidiary shocks thunder through the weeks and months ahead, until the whole wicked business blows. Likewise, the reactions of our government will only get more tragi-comically pathetic. The harder this gang of feckless, wannabe control freaks pretends to control events, the faster events spin out of control.

     Money dies when it loses its direct connection to the generation of wealth from the real things of this earth: fuels, crops, metals, materials, labor, and the value-added products made from them. Since that divorce has already happened, the need arises for something else that can function as money (a store of wealth, an index of value, and a medium of exchange). The government will pretend that a Central Bank Digital Currency is that something else. Since banking is now nationalized by the Federal Reserve backstopping everything and everybody, then theoretically all the wealth of the nation is under its command. That would be another illusion.


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11 months ago

Biblical Prophecies are coming to a convergence.
Get Right With Jesus.
The Rapture is soon.
We know the Rapture is near when we consider the convergence of many Biblical prophecies…
1. The Global sorcery (Pharmakeia = Pharmacy) deception. Revelation 18: 23
2. The Euphrates river drying up, to make way for the “Kings of the East”. Revelation 16: 12-16
3. The soon building of the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. (High speed Rail, Red Heifers).
4. The ENGINEERED Global Crisis (Famine, Energy) used to usher in the “Great Reset” (One-World Government with it’s CBDC)
5. The “Abrahamic Family House” in Abu Dhabi. (One-World Religion)
6. The UFO Narrative constantly pushed.
(Satan’s alibi to explain the Raptured Christians) Revelation 4: 1,2
7. The “Quantum Dot Tattoo” ready to implement. (Mark of the Beast) Revelation 13: 16-18

Tragedy of the Commons
11 months ago

(Chuck Baldwin) -Dec. 1913 This is the date when the Federal Reserve Act was passed. This Act placed oversight of America’s financial matters into the hands of a cabal of private international bankers, who have completely destroyed the constitutional principles of sound money and (for the most part) free enterprise. No longer would the marketplace (private consumption, thrift, growth, etc.) be the determinant of the U.S. economy (which is what freedom is all about), but now a private, unaccountable international banking cartel would have total power and authority to micromanage (for their own private, parochial purposes) America’s financial sector. Virtually every recession, depression and downturn has been the direct result of the Fed’s manipulation of the markets.
1913 was not a good year for the United States. And Woodrow Wilson was our second worst President.
Ron Paul -- End the Fed. He should have been elected president but
was cheated like all good Americans are.

11 months ago

If you haven’t read “tragedy of the commons” it is a good read!

Tragedy of the Commons
11 months ago
Reply to  Lawnmore

I have. Excellent common sense. Started out decades ago
with ‘Lifeboat Ethics’ and went on from there. Our Lifeboat
has definitely been filled to over-capacity for decades.

Joe Blow
Joe Blow
11 months ago

Take heed fellow readers.
I know many of us already understand principles of sound money, but this is not hyperbole: its game over.
Get out of US denominated instruments of value. Your 401k is going to be gone, cash it out and buy something useful with it. Pay off your mortgage, get completely out of debt. Any cash you have left over convert to tangibles like hand tools, gold you can hold in your hand, silver, copper jacketed lead…
I think its safe to say if you’re reading my comment, you have a version of the collapse in your head. We have arrived. This is it, the market is going to tank, HARD, and all that stuff is coming with it. It won’t all happen at once, takes years for this stuff to work through until we can see the bottom… but when you look back you’ll say this was the time where it switched from happening slowly and gradually, to all of a sudden.
I have even been reading in financial corners of the web that SVB was triggered by the Russians, with the chinese on board. They are going to detonate a financial bomb that will tear this country down, kill off half its population, and not fire a single shot. Send our F16s to the coke head fag, why not! We won’t be using them in Taiwan.

11 months ago

If our economy crashes, we won’t be able to finance Biden’s war against Russia and Russia won’t need to nuke us, which would much better. We are at the place down the road where all the cans have been kicked and there are many rocks and hard places on each side!

One question is, has this been planned or are our leaders just plain stupid and greedy? I suspect a little of both, but the real question for you should be what are you going to do about it, go down with the ship or get in a life boat!
Of course you will have to buy a boat, then stock it!
Tempus fugit!