Working on MY alternative economy to counter the central bank digital currency.

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8 months ago

As usual very good advice! One bit I will throw in, save your old motor oil.
Oil has lots of good uses, from heating to treating wood or as a lubricant for slow moving parts, wrenches, etc.

From another video, I am impressed with your PV solar. For those without the thousands to invest, you can start out small, only a few hundred $ and expand as possible. This will give you light and the ability to recharge small devices.

You only need a 100W panel a deep cycle battery, an inverter and a volt meter or charge controller, try to have back ups and get at least one old fashioned mechanical volt meter and amp meter, automotive meters are fine. Try to add protection for a EMP, plan to disconnect or have some back ups. I am using surge protectors, ferrite inductors and capacitors as well as fuses and disconnects. Oh and keep the wiring large and short!

Depending on the size, of your refrigerator you may need a thousand or two watts, and six to eight 100 amp hours batteries to run a full size refrigerator.
It is good to have an inverter five to ten times the needs of your refrigerator, sine wave is best but a modified sine will get you by.

Having lived through several week long power outages, having refrigeration and light is critical!

8 months ago
Reply to  Lawnmore

Lawnmore have you given thought about using a chest freezer as a fridge?

Far more power efficient as unlike a regular fridge it doesn’t spill out cold air every time you open it.

Just search chest freezer to fridge for details.