T.L. Davis at 2014 Yapfest

More at Christian Mercenary

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7 years ago

Note to NC Renegade: Always enjoy the “Yap Fest’s” more please..


[…] to TL Davis of Christian Mercenary for speaking (after traveling a LONG way) at Yapfest, and to David for the video of his […]

7 years ago

White males are not only a minority in every segment of life in FUSA but are an endangered species as well. Good luck finding one brainwashed person and convincing them of that point. Thank you TL and David for giving a damn enough to make this vid. The ennui among the 3% is becoming brackish (no offense Matt). I suppose that is why so many want to see the fuse ignited. I just want to live long enough to see Zero et al brought before a court of criminal justice. We will give them a fair trail and then………………………..

7 years ago

A True Statesman!