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Another Crisis Averted (and It Only Cost $982 Billion)

If Congress and the president would do one of their few responsibilities outlined in the Constitution and pass a budget, there would be no need for yet another continuing resolution. But what is another $982 billion when the last crisis … Continue reading

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What Are We Working For?

The stock market was up 1.55% yesterday on the news of never ending quantitative easing by Ben Bernanke. While this admission of failure by the Federal Reserve’s policies in conjunction with an impotent Congress is being seen as good news … Continue reading

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Continuing Resolution = Continued Cowardice as We Commit More Money to Egypt and Libya

The House of Representatives will vote today on yet another continuing resolution to fund the never-ending increases for government spending. The media and both parties are keeping this CR as quiet as possible due to the consequences in the November … Continue reading

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Continuing Resolution – Win or Loss?

The continuing resolution signed at the last minute will keep our government running until April 15th. Both sides are claiming victory and defeat. This is one of those times where you cannot please everyone but let’s look at the votes … Continue reading

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