Tea Party Support Comes at a Price

Several candidates in our state were elected on the coattails of the Tea Party and patriot groups. This windfall support came at no cost to these candidates but we hoped that their “walk” would match their “talk”. As we found out this week, Renee Ellmers’ “walk” is not living up to her “talk” and the movement to replace her in 2012 has already started.

Another candidate who was elected as a Constitutional / Tea Party member of the state house was Glen Bradley. Not only did Mr. Bradley live up to his “talk”, his “walk” exceeded expectations. Unfortunately, Mr. Bradley’s support for the Constitution was not shared by the GOP leadership in Raleigh who did not allow even one of his ten bills to get a vote on the floor. In one case, the suppression was blatant as shown in this video:

Patriots have to understand that we need to continue supporting these candidates after the elections are over. Mr. Bradley’s legislation concerning jobs, 2nd amendment and farming rights were Constitutional bills that we should already have in place.

And then there is another GOP Tea Party candidate from Asheville who has been a continuing disappointment. Tim Moffitt’s behavior in the State House and his indifference to the people who helped get him elected should be an object lesson in the future that we have to be more careful when vetting candidates.

What is the next step? We have to show that Tea Party support will demand stricter vetting in 2012 and that there are consequences for misleading patriots in an effort to get elected. In 2012, elected officials will come to understand the term “Tea Partied in the Primaries”.

David DeGerolamo

Moffitt’s Parting Shot

By Gordon Smith

Back in March, Rep. Tim Moffitt unilaterally decided to restrict Buncombe voter choice by carving our county into districts and limiting citizens to casting votes for three members of a newly expanded seven member County Commission. His bill passed the legislature on a party-line vote and could not be vetoed due to its “local bill” status. Mr. Moffitt called the idea “non-controversial” and pooh-poohed the outcry that erupted from across the political spectrum. Charlie Hume, Matt Mittan, the editorial board of the AC-T, and many more called for Moffitt to slow down and consult with the people. He refused.

However, a little while later, County Commissioner David Gantt commented, perhaps too publicly, that there might be a way to have a referendum after all. Indications were that the existing elected County Commissioners had an option of putting the question to the voters.

In order to stop the Commissioners’ maneuver and deny Buncombe the right to decide, Rep. Moffitt amended his original bill. The amendment was the last official action of this year’s legislative session in the NC House of Representatives. It came even after a motion to adjourn the session. It makes it illegal for Buncombe citizens to hold a binding referendum on the subject until the year 2020.

In an interview with John Boyle in today’s AC-T, Moffitt says, “I don’t know if ‘forcing the issue’ is the right terminology”.

Forcefully and autocratically overruling and invalidating the voices of your community? It’s well beyond forcing the issue, it’s a blow to the fundamentals of our democracy. Shame on Tim Moffitt, and shame on the Raleigh Republicans who passed it.

If you’d like to voice your feelings to the Representative:
Tim.Moffitt@ncleg.net   828-651-8550

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10 years ago

David, I am surprised, nay, shocked, that you would cite Gordon Smith of “Screw Who” as a reference of anything remotely accurate regarding Tim Moffitt, or anyone or anything that doesn’t line up with Smith’s ultra-progressive, alternative, green agenda.

Have you, yourself, taken the time to talk with Rep. Moffitt? Or are you content to let a radical like Smith speak and interpret for you?

Regarding Buncombe Co being divided into districts for county commissioner elections, this is something that the people have wanted for years, and been denied by not only the former NC legislative delegation, but also the county commission. Just this spring, in a meeting with CIBO in Asheville, Commission Chairman Gantt was asked if he was in favor of a referendum. His answer was, as always, NO. For Gantt, Nesbitt, Keever & Fisher, Smith, et al. now to whine and complain about not getting a referendum is far more than a tad bit disingenuous.

IMO, and that of many others, including some of my LIBERAL neighbors, what Tim Moffitt has done in this regard is simply taken power out of the hands of the despots we have lived under for years, who would never have allowed a referendum in the first place, and returned at least a portion of it to We The People in Buncombe Co.

I think the shame is on you, David, for not being more thorough in your research before blogging regarding this.

10 years ago
Reply to  DRenegade

Glad to hear you did, indeed, have a conversation with Rep. Moffitt.

I am all for 10th amendment rights, nullification, and the states pushing back against federal govt. Until more people understand this concept, however, I think we have to work with what we’ve got. Doesn’t mean that we don’t stop educating people but in the meantime I do believe we have to realize the severe constraints the states will be up against if they refuse federal mandates for funding social programs. You and I might be ready to cut off the states from the federal overlords, but are we ready to deal with the riots that will certainly happen afterwards? So many sheeple, too few who will really work to help their neighbors see the light and/or help them learn a different lifestyle.

10 years ago
Reply to  Betty

Betty -- I haven’t a clue what you mean when you say:

“Until more people understand this concept, however, I think we have to work with what we’ve got.”

With regard to our “readiness to deal with riots”, just look to current events in the UK.

This behavior is already starting here whether we take a hard-line stand or not.

It it time to draw a line in the sand.