The Evil That Men Do: Willful Submission To Illegitimate Authority by Bill Buppert

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”

– Henry David Thoreau

The US Federal government through its satraps and political goons in Nevada just crowd-sourced and thug-scrummed fourteen folks from the Bundy circus in 2014. The prosecution complex at the beck and call of the DC Orcs will print out reams of charges and indictments to bury these hapless souls in. I am assuming that they will wait until 2018 to gather up the latest miscreants who occupied an empty Federal facility in Oregon. Note the irony of the use of the word occupy in all these circumstances.

The massive Stasi-like scheme to make preemptive speech and behavior actionable for kidnapping, fining and imprisonment under color of law is moving apace. Read the indictments carefully because more of the same and worse is coming.

Victimless crime and fictional crimes like malum prohibitum demand an informant culture that, like torture, morally corrupt everyone ensnared in the system. And that informant culture in the USSA is massive indeed.

The entire concept of a rule of law is specious and only feeds the evil people in charge. And keep in mind that one human on Earth can have their personal liberty sundered if not for the use of police forces by government planet-wide.

We live in tumultuous times that demand close attention to the yokes being placed on us. The US government is seemingly in the throes of a coup that is exponentially creeping and expanding into what was formerly a fairly autonomous province. Every sector and branch of human transactions that are palpable in this mortal coil is now being subject to regulation, taxation or both. With no authority whatsoever, entire swaths of American society are being subsumed under Leviathan state.


h/t WRSA

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5 years ago

very good enjoyed this read

a follower
a follower
5 years ago
Reply to  norseman

Amazing and well put together article. Thank you for the post.

5 years ago

and that is why the head of the snake must be cut off forever, and the rest of the slugs will fall when this happens. this fish rots from the head first , then the rest of the body rots. It does not take any army to decapitate the head , it only takes a few strong men with valor and honor to do it.