The New Mantra

The left is pushing  (pun intended) a new mantra now.  As seen in a Stephen King speech and heard at the rally in Waynesville, “If an elected official didn’t get a majority (as in 51% of the total voters registered to vote, not how many actually voted) they are not legitimate.  Therefore, we can dismiss them as our elected officials.  Yes!  this is what they are now pushing.

We had a small contingent of counter-protesters in Waynesville for the “non-rally” here.  The Democrats held their protest rally inside their office.  The irony was that these same people who have been screaming against the voter ID wouldn’t let anyone into their meeting who couldn’t produce ID.

You can’t fix stupid.  These people refuse to become educated with the facts and when the facts are presented to them, they say you are lying.  One woman was brave enough to come out and confront our group but fell short of any kind of argument, instead relying on those common catchphrases used by people.  I found it interesting that in her small mind she thinks the 1% of the wealthiest people control the country.  She didn’t mention that the her very group is being controlled by one of the richest men in the world, George Soros, a man who has numerous times avowed to bring world government to the U.S., a man who has single-handedly brought down 8 different countries.

The other factoid these people love to shout to the world is that the evil corporations are running this country.  I didn’t ask but I think I know the answer to the fact that Duke Power is giving the Democrats 10 million dollars to put on their show in Charlotte next year. Hmmm?  Wonder what they’re trying to buy with the profits from my electric bills?

I agree with David that we are on the precipice and in the same position as Russia was in 1917.  And if it has come to tiny Waynesville, it is now entrenched throughout the U.S.   Will the general population stand up to it?  More likely, they will coalesce to the will of these people since they do want to be politically correct and not ruffle the wrong feathers lest they get pushed by some bully.

Larry Porter

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10 years ago

Thank you for your post Larry, and for your patriotism. I’ve been to both the SEIU and Moveon rallies here in Raleigh and heard their side chant “The country united, will never be divided”, while they keep preaching to their sheeple the exact opposite, class envy and racial division.

10 years ago

“You can’t fix stupid.”

That is the point: stupid people can be controlled. Lenin called the masses “useful idiots”. As we have found out, the teachers’ unions are complicit in the dumbing down of America.
How many people can sing “American the Beautiful”? Our heritage has been stolen but we have allowed it.

William Sterrett
William Sterrett
10 years ago

The left is pushing! They have pushed right into the democrat party with their social justice agenda. Pushing the socialist/communist/marxist agenda. The republicans are not any better. The parties are corrupt! The battle has become, what is right, and what is wrong. What is evil, and what is righteous. Our republic is under attack, and the revolution against free and patriotic americans who support their US Constitution is underway! This is an attack by the democracy crowd, that has NO understanding that we are supposed to be living under the rule of law, within a constitutional republic. Wisconsin is a scary situation. The events there illustrate what democracy in action looks like. Patriots protect your children for the MOB rules in Madison, Wisconsin! I will protect myself, my family, my friends, and fellow patriots in Haywood county to the best of my ability. In Liberty always, Bill