Moveon to a Communist Revolution

I received a “reading” list from the organizer of the meeting on Wednesday in Garner, NC that consisted of eleven different articles. The first article was “Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand” by Chris Hedges. Toward the end of this article is the following:

We have tolerated the intolerant—from propaganda outlets such as Fox News to Christian fascists to lunatics in the Republican Party to Wall Street and corporations—and we are paying the price. The only place left for us is on the street. We must occupy state and federal offices. We must foment general strikes. The powerful, with no check left on their greed and criminality, are gorging on money while they busily foreclose our homes, bust the last of our unions, drive up our health care costs and cement into place a permanent underclass of the broken and the poor. They are slashing our most essential and basic services—including budgets for schools, firefighters and assistance programs for children and the elderly—so we can pay for the fraud they committed when they wiped out $14 trillion of housing wealth, wages and retirement savings. All we have left is the capacity to say “no.” And if enough of us say “no,” if enough of us refuse to cooperate, the despots are in trouble.

Can you say fear mongering? After filming the SEIU bus tour and the first Save the American Dream Rally, I realized something that is not being reported or considered by people. Our country is in the same position as 1917 Russia before the first of two revolutions in that year. The stage is set and the “workers” smell blood on the water – or rather blood on the streets by union organizers. If someone associated with the conservative/rightwing/Tea Party/Republican faction in our country had issued a similar statement as Mr. Hedges, I think that they would be arrested for sedition.

See this post for the moderator’s thoughts on this matter:

David DeGerolamo

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