We Can’t Be Too Nice about This Revolution

 This is the second video from the Moveon.org meeting in Garner, NC on 3/15/11. The moderator starts his presentation concerning their plans with:

“We can’t be too nice about this. We’re going to have to do this revolution, do what they do in Wisconsin to get anything out of the powers that be”


The article that is read in this video is “Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand”
by Chris Hedges. I encourage everyone to read the entire article.

The liberal class is discovering what happens when you tolerate the intolerant. Let hate speech pollute the airways. Let corporations buy up your courts and state and federal legislative bodies. Let the Christian religion be manipulated by charlatans to demonize Muslims, gays and intellectuals, discredit science and become a source of personal enrichment. Let unions wither under corporate assault. Let social services and public education be stripped of funding. Let Wall Street loot the national treasury with impunity. Let sleazy con artists use lies and deception to carry out unethical sting operations on tottering liberal institutions, and you roll out the welcome mat for fascism.


David DeGerolamo

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10 years ago

True christianity does not judge does not hate and does not practice politics or protests. WE LOVE ALL PEOPLES. we wish 4 peace and pray 4 a better tomorrow.