The Preconditions Needed for a Brutal Martial Law Takeover

mentally ill obama

Dictators invariably emerge on a scene at a time of great conflict. State-sponsored genocides frequently follow coups, civil wars or can become part of a national landscape in a declared martial law.

Economic crises often provide a backdrop from which roundups of dissidents are conducted, families are separated, undesirables are executed and genocide can take place.  Often, a particular segment of a society is ostracized and used as scapegoat in order to provide a point of unification for a people in crisis in a classic divide and conquer strategy. Further, leaders of a brutal martial law movement grant themselves legal immunity from prosecution by making their heinous actions legal before they occur.

Many of these preconditions are in evidence in modern day America. The American economy is in the worst shape than at any time in our history as it is in near free fall in which the interest payments on the debt exceed our revenue as a nation. Obama, as well as members of his administration, have engaged in the “divide and conquer” strategy of race baiting. Obama’s incessant fanning of the flames of the Trayvon Martin case is an excellent example of a president who is dividing a nation instead of helping heal a nation.

Obama has done nothing but polarize this nation along the lines of gay rights, forcing the issue of abortion and contraception upon an unwilling public through Obamacare, promoting the rights of illegal aliens over that of citizens, promoting black vs. white division, Muslim vs. Christian, poor vs. rich and Christian vs. non-Christian. America has no shortage of potential sparks for division in this country thanks to this president’s ineffective and suspect leadership. Finally, through the NDAA and Executive Order 13603, this President has given himself the authority to do anything he deems necessary in a time of his choosing.

In the final analysis, I judge the conditions to be ripe for a brutal martial law crackdown to occur for the reasons listed in the previous paragraph. The $64 million dollar question is whether or not this president has the psychological make-up necessary to carry out just such an agenda.

In one of my former careers, I worked as a therapist for convicts, sentenced by the courts to a large halfway, inpatient, residential center. During my two years at this facility, I encountered various mental illnesses which manifested in a person’s behavior in a variety of ways. Diagnostics and prescribing a course of intervention were my main duties. I performed many roles in this facility ranging from individual and group counseling, family group counseling and I administered several aspects of a life skills education program. Today, I teach these clinical intervention skills to undergraduate and graduate students. For the purposes of this article, I am going to use my professional expertise in an effort to assess if President Obama is capable of carrying out an agenda of extreme repression against the American people.


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j ponder
j ponder
8 years ago

sir, the link for “more . . .” does not work, takes user to a 404 page

Don’t care to be printed, just an fyi. Love your blog, btw, hit it daily


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