The Time Is Now!

by Bill Kennedy

From Manteo to Murphy and all points in-between it is time for North Carolina’s citizens to again rise up and reclaim what is our birthright, what we once were – First in Freedom!

From the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence to the Halifax Resolves we were first. When the Constitution was debated by the states, North Carolina refused ratification until there were amendments to make it clear that “We the People” have God given rights and NO government may violate them. Only then after the submission of amendments known as the Bill of Rights did North Carolina approve the Constitution.

North Carolina throughout her history has been in the forefront of the fight for freedom, but of late, our political “leaders” in Raleigh have turned their backs on that proud tradition and instead have ignored the loss of our freedoms perpetuated by the very same federal government that our states’ founders fought and died to create.

We the citizens of North Carolina must rise up and demand that our state “leaders” never again grovel at the feet of federal politicians and bureaucrats. When “laws”, rules, regulations and Executive Orders emanating out of Washington, DC violate the Constitution our founders created and our present day politicians swore and Oath to “protect and defend” it is time to make a stand.

We must remind our “leaders” in Raleigh that the Oath they took WAS NOT to “protect and defend” the federal government, IT WAS to “protect and defend” the Constitution!


Jefferson and Madison told us how to “protect and defend” the Constitution and our rights – and NULLIFICATION is that Rightful Remedy!

Our state “leaders” must become leaders in fact not just in name, they are in Madison’s own words “duty bound, to interpose for arresting the progress of the evil”.

But to convince the North Carolina General Assembly that we expect them to nullify unconstitutional federal actions, to become leaders in fact, we must be willing to step out of our comfort zone. We can no longer sit idly by complaining about what is happening to our country, to our rights our freedoms – we must act!

Outrage without ACTION is a bad mood!

ACTION is what is needed!

ACTION is what is demanded of us!

LIKES, SHARES and outrage expressed on Facebook may make us all feel better, make us think we have done our part for freedom, but they are NOT enough!

If you believe the answer cannot be found in Washington, that the federal government will never fix itself. If you believe that, our only hope of saving our federal republic, our rights and freedoms is by returning the federal government back to its enumerated powers under the Constitution. If you believe all of that, then you know that states using nullification in their sovereign role as protectors of the people’s rights and freedoms is the Rightful Remedy.

No more half measures! No more waiting for someone else to step-up and do what you know in your heart needs to be done!

Join us in Raleigh on October 19th and learn what we need to to-do.

What we must do to protect our rights!

Bring your friends, come as a group, carpool, charter a bus, but be there!

And by doing so, you will be sending a STRONG message to our states leaders that, we expect nothing less from them than nullification of ALL federal actions that exceed the powers granted to federal government under the Constitution!

If you believe in Liberty, Freedom, our Constitution, our State, and the principals on which the United States was founded, we will see you in Raleigh!

More at Nullify Now

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8 years ago

For those of us who feel under-informed:

WHAT is happening in Raleigh on 19 October ?
WHO is organizing it ?

8 years ago

How many members of the NC General Assembly are registered to attend ?