NC Senate just overrode Veto of H.786 and turns against unemployed citizens

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

We have the third highest and worst unemployment rate in the entire nation.

The NC Senate just followed the NC House from yesterday and passed the shameful override of Governor McCrory’s veto of House Bill 786.  Dems voted with Republicans to turn on their own citizens.  

President Obama won’t enforce federal immigration laws at the work site and our only state law, to protect new jobs for citizens just gutted today, means it will be relatively easy for companies to hire illegal immigrants with virtually no fear of being punished in North Carolina.

I will provide the vote tally and who voted aye or nay, if it is provided by the NC General Assembly.  I don’t see it shown as yet……the NCGA “may” try to hide the vote to protect the traitors.   We do know that Thom Tillis turned against citizens and openly voted for the veto override as Speaker of the House.

As part of H.786 they are doing another study on illegal immigration with your tax dollars. You can bet the same traitors will attempt to twist and game the effort of the study to attempt to show how illegal immigration is a positive for our State, again using your tax dollars for the study.

When politicians in power think they are invincible, they begin to think they are smart and you are stupid, and you won’t care enough to fight back.


Ron Woodard

(919) 460-8156

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9 years ago

We can fight it out in our States like this -- however if we the people would just do this Article V project it would be a lot easier. History and opinions in this library will help all Americans.