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a follower
a follower
10 months ago

Seems to be a lot of fear when we do not trust nor seek God, and put Him First in absolutely everything, every thought. These do seem to be the days of chaos and mass confusion, false prophets , delusion, false guidance, every where we turn. And yes with discernment, (His discernment, not our own) we are able to connect and see those who are close to being on the same page as we.
i believe the mark of the beast can be several things, all designed to make us Trust and rely on man or ourselves rather than God.
i believe he is right, about the people turning upon each other. Have said this all along. Has happened already in many instances. People can not even discuss within the blogs without lashing each other. Word? and words do matter. Are we being led, or misled to the slaughter?
Do not lead us to trial, but deliver us from evil.
False hope: Are we warned about false hope and is that what this verse is about?
Amos 9:10
All the sinners of My people are going to die by the sword, those who are saying, ‘Evil does not over take us nor meet us.’

Ann Mint
Ann Mint
10 months ago

You are spot on! It is all about controlling us. I would recommend The information about the vaccines is alarming. You are correct about the vaccine being used as the mark and the fact that so many welcome it. Thank you for your informative blog.