Willful Blindness

Willful Blindness, by J.R. Nyquist


The election fraud on November 3rd was significant. Evidence for fraud was presented yesterday at a press conference led by Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell. The question is: Will we reinstate the values of the American Revolution, or will we embrace the values of the Bolshevik Revolution? Are we ready for hard truths? Or do we prefer willful blindness? Here is the heart of the matter. Civilization is an ethical proposition. And ethics are rooted in truth — not blindness.

During an interview with Sydney Powell on Fox Business, Lou Dobbs lamented that the Department of Justice (DOJ) was “slow to move” on election irregularities. Powell objected. The trouble with the DOJ was not slowness, said Powell. “They have adopted a position of willful blindness to this massive corruption across the country….”

Willful blindness, in this case, is the result of ideological commitments; specifically, socialist commitments. As Benjamin Gitlow pointed out nine decades ago, America’s socialists were corrupted after the success of the Bolshevik Revolution by Lenin’s teaching that the ends justifies the means. A cynical disregard for honest dealing and truth became fashionable on the radical left. And now we see how this plays out, as noted by Sydney Powell during Thursday’s press conference of White House lawyers. She spoke of a “massive attack on the integrity of the voting system….” She said, “They have trashed the right to vote…. And there is no doubt about it. This is a plan. You’d have to be a fool not to realize it.” Powell spoke of “the massive influence of communist money through Venezuela, Cuba, and likely China” in our election.

How did the communists do it? A variety of methods were used. The method with the greatest impact allegedly involved the use of vote-altering computer software.

And now we have arrived. The left is attempting to steal an election. If they succeed, they will begin to exercise a new kind of power. Here is the context for understanding Powell’s statement to Lou Dobbs. She knows that the left is ideologically committed to replacing our constitutional system with a socialist system. They intend to use the ongoing pandemic as leverage. Unless they are stopped, the United States may be politically and militarily weakened past the point of recovery.

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Lynn Bedford
Lynn Bedford
11 months ago

Will we fight for this Great Republic?
Or will we die in concentration camps?