A Message to the Political Leadership

The caller in this video symbolizes the America that we believed in. He is correct: we have been stabbed in the back by the political elite. Where are the politicians supporting the President in this crisis?

I have some questions for our politicians:

  1. How are there more ballots in precincts than people are registered to vote?
  2. Why did Dominion officials not show up to testify in Pennsylvania?
  3. How do you allow a recount in Georgia to count unverified ballots and then watch the state come in and shred them?
  4. Why do you think patriots will allow Joe Biden to steal this election?
  5. How many other elections have been stolen? Governor Cooper?
  6. Why are Facebook, Twitter and Google allowed to tamper in our elections without consequences?
  7. How can ballots be counted in Philadelphia that were “received” prior to their mail date?
  8. Why are our ballot counts sent to Spain and Germany?
  9. Do you think Donald Trump was not aware of your plans prior to the election? Did you not watch Shadowgate?
  10. What do you think will happen to you when the civil war erupts?

Demented Joe and his ho will never be President and Vice-President of the United States of America. When patriots have a choice between concentration camps or fighting, be very assured of the outcome.

David DeGerolamo

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10 months ago

These are all good questions. Now lets see if any of these gutless ass-hats have the balls to answer any of the questions. I suggest we don’t hold our breath.

As to the civil war, I wish I could answer that question. What I do know, it will be worse than most folks imagine.

Positive of the day; I was having a conversation with an Amish fellow the other day about C-19. I ask him how he was doing with the outbreak. His answer was amusing, “we don’t get the covid, we don’t watch TV!”.

10 months ago

Oh yes David, Joe and the ho will be pResident and VP next year. There is no one to stop them regardless of the proven fraud that exists. Who will be the cop or authority that goes against the illegal acts? Barr? Durham? Those two jokes are wound so tight to the deep state they won’t do a thing. Remember that NSA that has the “dirt” on the whole country on file and a politician that did even one shady act in the last 60 years will be leaked to the MSM.
I switched to the dem party during Rush’s Operation Chaos and never changed back. I voted straight R in all of the elections in my small way to screw with the pundits.
This election showed that my state of PA is so corrupt that elections don’t matter anymore. Now my mission is to never give a dime to either party or to vote for either one. I hope Trump starts a new party or finds one with conservative values and takes his 70M followers with him. If I have to fight socialism from now on it will not be at the ballot box. I’m mad at the rino’s like Romney and all of the others, mad at the never Trumpers and in short, just mad as hell.
It’s time to become the IRA and disrupt the 2 party system. I’m done with FOX, Facebook, and the entire MSM. It’s time to starve the beast.
The only way the people in this country will wake up is if they get a dose of Venezuela so bring it on Joe and the ho, dig yourself a hole too deep to crawl out of.