Who Has the Dominion Servers?

A quick search on the Internet will show a large number of articles debunking the seizure of Dominion servers in Germany. The same servers documented in Shadowgate. Who has the servers is unknown but the question is why were the Dominion ballot machines connected to the Internet during an ongoing election?

We know the answer. I believe our political class is waking up to a different brave new world than the one that they had envisioned as more fraud and coverups are unveiled.

David DeGerolamo

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5 months ago

We live in an instant gratification society where people get mad and start blaring their horn if their Big Mac is not ready in 60 seconds. These things take time, and time is needed since the fraud and conspiracy to destroy our great nation is so complex, multi-tiered and so vast. The fact that this much has been discovered so far is nothing less than astonishing, and I am grateful for the tireless work being put in to fix this by so many American Patriots, such as Sidney Powell, Rudy Guiliani, Jenna Ellis, and the entire legal team AND the 90 million people who legitimately voted for President Trump.

Sometimes things do get done. Let’s see if they can carry it past the finish line… I know they will give it everything they have to do so. It’s gratifying to see so many lifelong democrats supporting President Trump at the marches, rallies, and online. It has to be a gut punch to the communists who thought they had this thing won.

Once President Trump is re-inaugurated, let the hangings begin.

5 months ago
Reply to  Andy

Dam right,I’m sick of talking,we all know that every single one of those Satanic pedophile democrats are guilty of TREASON against America. How long are we going to take this Evil being thrown in our faces? There is a lot more of Us,then they are of them,all we need is a leader,I hope it is Trump,but if not GOD will provide a David,a Joshua, to clear this country of the evil that now reside here,and I mean every dam one of those Satanic pedophile Elites. Let the Streets of America run red with the blood of all TRAITORS.

5 months ago

“Who has the Dominion Servers?” Why, Dominion, of course. And they have probably already been Destroyed.

From the start of the ‘stories’ about ‘Servers being Seized by U.S. Military”, I called Bullshit.

Just more of that lame “Q-Anon” Psyop run by Clowns in Action.

Get Over It. And take of that Face-Diaper that is a symbol of Submission to “the Beast”.