The Voter Integrity North Carolina (VIP-NC) will challenge 553 voter registrations


Voter Integrity Project of NC


Event Summary: 9:00 AM, Tuesday, May 15, Wake County BOE, 337 S. Salisbury St.

Optics: Citizen will deliver a stack of 553 voter registration challenge forms and make a few brief statements about the process.

Wake Group Challenging 553 Voter Registrations Today 

Today at 9 AM, at the Wake County Board of Elections, Voter Integrity Project of NC (VIP-NC), a Raleigh-based grass roots organization, is challenging 553 Wake County registered voters who were excused from jury duty in the Wake County Court system by stating that they were not US citizens.

“It looks like about half of these self-confessed non-citizens actually voted at least once since 2008,” said Jay DeLancy, VIP-NC Executive Director, “and might be guilty of a felony in North Carolina.”

NC law (NCGS 163-90.1) allows for challenges if “the challenger knows, suspects, or reasonably believes such a person not to be qualified and entitled to vote.” Denial of citizenship is considered to be reasonable belief.

North Carolina privacy laws make it impossible to find enough information to challenge an illegitimate voter with 100% certainty, but DeLancy believes they used every reasonable effort to winnow their list from an initial 1,018 suspected fraudulent registered voters down to 553.

“We realize that some number of these challenges will be dismissed,” DeLancy said, “but in North Carolina, only the government is allowed to know a voter’s date of birth and driver’s license number, two critical pieces of information we need in order to confirm a voter’s identity.”

Another piece of the puzzle may involve people perjuring themselves by denying their rightful citizenship in order to avoid jury duty, a practice that would tend to inflate the numbers that we obtained.

“Our associates doing the same type of research in Orange County even found that Cate Edwards, daughter of the John Edwards, got out of jury duty by claiming to be a non-US citizen,” DeLancy said, ”so we know that other, less elite people have probably done the same thing.”

The VIP-NC group plans to host a public forum in the near future to explain their research methodology and to encourage concerned citizens from across the state to conduct the same types of investigations in their own counties. Details will be in a follow-up advisory.

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9 years ago

Be sure to check for the dead people. And in Florida they are finding people who say they live at some address and that address has been abandoned for years. Ask Rush, he knows about that.

FDR New Deal
FDR New Deal
9 years ago

Rachel Maddow just exposed this organization for what it is… a Tea Bagging voter suppression scam. Oh, and I guess it’s really not non profit as it states on its web site. You people can’t win in the market place of ideas, so you will try to steal the election. Romney has already lost the election whether you manage to scam it up in North Carolina.