The Whole World’s Watching

The world is starting to pay attention to the Occupy Wall Street protest. Tomorrow marks the beginning of the third week of what the media is now calling a movement. The “American Fall” is expanding to 52 US cities and their numbers are growing. Today’s march on New York City’s police headquarters signals a new direction for the efforts: undermining the authority of the police.


As the labor unions join in solidarity with these peaceful protesters, the media and celebrities will promote the cause of the 99%.

David DeGerolamo

Wall Street protesters march on police

Protesters who have camped out near Wall Street for two weeks marched on Friday
on police headquarters in Manhattan over what they viewed as a heavy-handed
police response to a previous demonstration.

The Occupy Wall Street movement, whose members have vowed to stay through the
winter, are protesting issues including the 2008 bank bailouts, foreclosures and
high unemployment.

More than 1,000 people marched past City Hall and arrived at a plaza outside
police headquarters in the late afternoon. Some held banners criticizing police,
while others chanted: “We are the 99 percent” and “The banks got bailed out, we
got sold out.”


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10 years ago

Let’s hope for a bitterly cold winter in NYC. These are not patriotic, constitution loving protestors, these are leftist, socialism-supporting scum that are demanding more handouts from the hard working Americans that pay for their freebies! We knew this was coming as part of their plan to take down the U. S. and turn it into just another piece of the new world order. America has to fall if they are to succeed and they will succeed if Americans don’t start taking a stand against the unions and politicians and outside interests on the left that are fighting to destroy our nation.

We have been warned and now are beginning to see the results of allowing our constitution and our country to be whittled away, piece by piece, over the last century by those who seek to destroy it! First we must pray for God’s forgiveness and mercy for our sin of apathy, and seek His guidance and courage to stand up and fight to save the greatest nation in history! Secondly we must decide what our role in this battle will
be and prepare accordingly!

Today it is in the streets of New York, but soon it will be in the heart of every American community. This is not a battle of Democrats versus Republicans, this is a battle of good versus evil and we already know how it ends. Friends, if you are not already there, get on the right side now while you have the chance. Pull out those Bibles and reacquaint yourself with God’s words of wisdom! We are going to need them!

10 years ago

Bottom Up, top Down, Inside Out. Alinsky comes out of the closet. Obama ready to be the “hero” and keep “order” once his communist supporters get out of control. The sheeples ignorant of the real game will then support The One and it’s over. Except for the 3% and others who refuse to bow down.