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Jon Corzine IS one of Obama’s top bundlers. Present tense. IS. Not “was.” IS. This has been known for the last six months. I’ve been saying this all along. HE NEVER STOPPED BUNDLING.


The Obama “campaign”, which is really just a money laundering racket, released its first quarter of 2012 data today and Jon Corzine is confirmed to have bundled IN EXCESS of $500,000 for Obama in Q1 2012.

Do you people understand why it is that I rant and rave and jump up and down, wave my arms and use potty-mouth language? Do you understand why I say that the Rule of Law is dead and that this Republic NO LONGER EXISTS? I’m just trying to tell you THAT YOUR CIVILIZATION IS GOING DOWN THE SHITTER RIGHT NOW, SO YOU MIGHT WANT TO WAKE UP, PAY ATTENTION, AND DO SOMETHING TO KEEP FROM GETTING DRAGGED INTO THE SEWER WITH IT.

Jon Corzine is technically under investigation by both the SEC and CFTC, and should be under investigation by the DOJ (but isn’t – I wonder why????) and is raising money and contributing to the Chief Executive of the same “government” that has him “under investigation.”

Welcome to the Soviet Union.

Someone needs to get the list of people who contributed to Obama through Corzine’s bundling. I promise you that every single person on that list probably belongs in jail themselves, and are, at minimum, psychopaths like Corzine. (Ahem. Cough. JP Morgan upper management. Cough.) Think about it. Corzine stole $1.6 billion at minimum and everyone on Wall Street and in Chicago knows it. Imagine your phone rings one day and it is Jon Corzine himself. He asks you to contribute to Obama through him. You agree. That makes you a PSYCHOPATH. That would be like if Charlie Manson called and asked you to contribute to the New Helter Skelter Party.

Here is me saying all of this on November 30th on with Jim Puplava. This is their most-listened-to audio interview ever. I think this interview is what really introduced and flew open the doors of conversation with regards to the spiritual evil, sociopathy and psychopathy of many of these financial and government oligarchs and brought those words out into the open. You cannot shame people who have no conscience or any sense of morality to begin with. They LAUGH at concepts like guilt, shame, remorse and conscience. All that matters to them is that they get away with it. And Jon Corzine knew and knows that he will get away with it because he is an oligarch and crony of the Obama regime.

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