US-Russia Nuclear War Would Kill 5 Billion From Famine Alone: Study

If tensions between Russia and the United States spark an all-out nuclear war between the two rivals, more than five billion people would die from hunger alone, according to a new study in the journal Nature Food

Scientists at Rutgers University projected the amount of soot that would be thrust into the Earth’s atmosphere in a variety of nuclear war scenarios, from smaller exchanges between India and Pakistan to a full-blown war between Russia and the United States.

A relatively modest Indo-Pakistani war would slash the world’s average caloric output by 7% within the first five years — bigger than any disruption humanity has faced thus far. “Even for a regional nuclear war, large parts of the world may suffer famine,” say the study’s authors. 



Imagine a devastating Russian (or Chinese, or Iranian or North Korean) first strike against the United States with nuclear weapons. And Biden surrenders. Which may be the end game that was always planned.

The United States would no longer be a superpower but a defeated, bankrupted nation. Our “leaders” would all be celebrating at their plan Bs as the people who survived the initial attacks die from radiation or starvation. All because we allowed our Republic to be stolen over the course of multiple elections.

Remember the Wokestopo if this comes to pass:

David DeGerolamo

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tom finley
tom finley
1 month ago

They are a vile, putrid bunch of demons, they will use whatever is necessary to kill and maim the world population. And still we wait for the next attack, they want me dead, I feel the same way, with extreme prejudice.

robehr orinsky
robehr orinsky
1 month ago

When I pop out of my fallout shelter won’t they be surprised ? Working in the power industry for many years gave me a sound distrust of nuclear power and the people in that industry . If the msm had not stopped reporting on the events that happened that could have destroyed a quarter of this country you all would have built shelters like I did back in 2000 . In my opinion the enemedia is problem number one in America . Surprisingly Wiki has actually listed most of these ” accidents”. Some things have never been known such as the two experimental reactors operated by Battelle just ten miles west of the highest metro population in this state until its decommisioning which I participated in as a lowly equipment mechanic . As mentioned here by the NCRenegade recently , the next one won’t be an accident . It is in the works right now . Gotta cover up some mistakes you see . Dirty bomb on the way folks . Most likely white guys in maga hats , heh .

tom finley
tom finley
1 month ago
Reply to  robehr orinsky

Back in the late 70s, I had moved to New Mexico with my wife, her father was an electrical contractor in grants. He did a lot of work for uranium mine operations, Ker mcgee had 26 miles underground, drift mining. They had huge earthen dams to cool the milled tailings, the water was leaching into the ground and contaminating the water. one of the ponds broke near gallup, and hundreds of gallons of radioactive waste was released, the only clean-up done was to buy any live stock. It never made headlines and was covered up. I left New Mexico shortly afterwards.

Last edited 1 month ago by tom finley
1 month ago

Probably not a good idea to play Russian Roulette with the Russians on this issue, as we seem to be doing. For that matter the current so called government has no chance against them with chess either.