Obama Punishes Israel and Egypt, Sends US Troops to Support the Muslim Brotherhood

USS Kearsage, USS San Antonio opposite Egypt

USS Kearsage, USS San Antonio opposite Egypt

The Obama administration outed Israel to Russia as the country which bombed Latakia in Syria on July 5th. Obama’s continued support of the Muslim Brotherhood in the formation of the new Egyptian government has now been expanded into a show of force using our military in the Red Sea.

1. US news agencies have now been shut down. As outlined previously, Gary Pruitt of Associated Press has stated that news sources have stopped in fear of retribution by the regime. The murder death of Michael Hastings effectively put the fear of God Obama into any respectable journalists. We have to go outside of the US to get news.

2. The war in Syria has not diminished. The US is supporting al Qaeda with weapons and support.

3.  Russian troops are on high alert.

4. Obama does not support Israel or Liberty: all efforts are directed to the formation of a Muslim Brotherhood Caliphate.

5. Muslims have been placed in positions of power at all levels of the federal government. The head of the CIA, John Brennan, is Muslim.

The world has become more flexible in the hands of Putin and Obama. The consequences of their actions are the death of Liberty. At what point is the oath to the Constitution honored?

David DeGerolamo

Washington’s push against Egyptian, Israeli go-it-alone military steps. US marines deployed off Suez, Sinai

The Obama administration is signifying its strong disapproval of Israel and Egypt taking matters in their own hands in the last two weeks, DEBKAfile’s military and Washington sources report: Israel was accused of independent military action against Syria, and the Egyptian army of persecuting the Muslim Brotherhood after deposing President Mohamed Morsi.

Washington is also highly displeased with the campaign the Egyptian army launched after the coup, with Israel’s active support, to root out the Islamist terror blighting the Sinai Peninsula. US warships and marines are now parked off Egypt’s Red sea coast as a deterrent to the generals in Cairo.

For whipping Israeli into line, the administration used another method, i.e., Pentagon leaks naming Israeli air strikes as responsible for the explosions at the Syrian weapons depot outside the port town of Latakia on July 5, which demolished a fresh stock of Russian Yakhont (NATO codenamed SS-N-26) shore-to-ship missiles along with their advanced radar.

Although CNN ran this leak Friday, July 7, sourcing it to three separate unnamed US officials, the New York Times repeated the story Saturday and it was picked up by more US media for the third day running on Sunday.

Israel declined to comment on the report.


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