We can only look at the past and the present in an attempt to tease out what may lie before us all.

I will be doing some essays in the coming days and weeks. I do not really want to do them, however, I feel compelled to. No one knows what is going to happen in the future. We can only look at the past and the present in an attempt to tease out what may lie before us all.

With that said, the more I see in the media, the streets of our nation and the posts on social media, some trends are showing up. Much of my time is spent doing these things, especially in the current year. In so doing, I’ve noticed some recurring themes, on both sides of the current dynamic.

Both sides are, in my opinion, making some severe miscalculations. I am not a formally trained analyst, only a simple student of history and a watcher of people and social movements. But if we lay these things over one another, we can see some trend lines begin to appear.

For the moment, I will post an example of what I’m talking about. In the current situation we can look back to the early 90’s and the action in Mogadishu, Somalia. I’m sure this has you scratching your head, but hear me out.

When SOAR pilot Mike Durrant was shot down and captured, it was ambassador Robert Oakley that negotiated his release. During those negotiations one of the elders asked him what would happen if Durrant wasn’t released. His reply was rather telling and if we overlay it against what is presently happening, I think you will understand the meaning. “What will happen if Mr. Durrant is not released? We’ll decide that we need to rescue him, and whether we have the right place or the wrong place, there’s going to be a fight with your people. The minute the guns start again, all restraint on the U.S. side goes. Just look at the stuff coming in here now. An aircraft carrier, tanks, gunships…the pent works. Once the fighting starts, all this pent-up anger is going to be released. This whole part of the city will be destroyed, men, women, children, camels, cats, dogs, goats, donkeys, everything…That would be tragic for all of us, but that’s what will happen.”

Obviously, there are no tanks or aircraft carriers, but I think you can see the points I want to stress. When (and if) this current situation goes kinetic, I think the last part of the statement will be very applicable.

The recent action at Stone Mountain should be all the indication we need of where one side stands. Yes, there have been mass gatherings of those on the right in public spaces armed to the teeth. However, they were not, as a group, calling out the other side for battle, as was done in the aforementioned incident. For those on the right, it is imperative that you understand the current action for what it is, a hybrid insurgency. That is, to say, state actors working in consort with nonstate actors. The money trail for ANTIFA and BLM is easy enough to follow and it is in the tens, if not hundreds, of millions. One side is being supported, trained, equipped and given cover for action by state actors, as well as near immunity. While the other is being publicly painted as the “greatest threat facing the nation”, though they have, as a whole, performed not a single act of mass violence.

If anyone out there thinks anyone, and I do mean ANYONE in the government has your back, you are being fooled. The current DOJ considers right-wing extremists to be the greatest threat to the nation. Ponder that for a moment. And do not take my word for it, do your own research and you will find that answer on your own. The United States government has engaged in instability operations around the globe for decades. Presently, that is what is occurring against us. A very advanced and choreographed instability operation. Notice how now it is all “people of color” banding together? First Nation’s people entered the fray at Mount Rushmore. The lines are drawn and there are only two sides. For all those crossing this line, from either side, the punishment, from their own, will be severe and the nonmembers will be treated with no small measure of cruelty by those they are supporting when their usefulness has come to an end. I will go into more detail on these points in the coming essays.


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9 months ago

take note the stone mountain group were a bunch of actors from atlanta.. How much fight they might have in them is questionable.

9 months ago
Reply to  Doug

trolling much?