We Must Stop Obeying Unjust Laws

Judge Napolitano did the following interview with Glenn Beck on 10/26/11 to promote his new book: It Is Dangerous to Be Right When the Government Is Wrong.


When a judge explains why we must stop obeying unjust laws, it is time to evaluate if the United States is still a country which follows the rule of law. Based on the abuse of power of the current administration, the impotence of the Congress and an activist judiciary, we must question our resolve to maintain our Republic. As the occupation of our cities across the nation continues, it appears that the desire for Socialism in the guise of Democracy will determine the fate of our government and children.

Or is there still a spark of the American spirit left that will stand up and challenge the government and the people to restore our rights as guaranteed by natural law?

David DeGerolamo

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9 years ago

Thank you, David. Great post.

9 years ago


9 years ago

Glad to hear that you’ve developed your first useful skill.

You should watch Glenn more often and perhaps you’ll regurgitate all the progressive dogma you’ve been fed over the years.

James Oppenheimer
James Oppenheimer
9 years ago

Disobeying a law one thinks is wrong has a long and respected history.
People broke laws to help former slaves escape, and that was at risk of much.
People refused to submit to the draft during the Vietnamese unpleasantness. People refused to obey the law and sheltered foreigners fleeing persecution in their country which was being actively aided and abetted by this august nation. People bomb abortion clinics and murder MDs who perform abortions. I would say there’s nothing new about the idea of disobeying a law you don’t think is right. You just have to face up to the consequences, that’s all.
It’s a free country; if you do not care for something, then elect reps who will undo the rules you don’t like. It’s what has been going on for over two centuries, and it works pretty well.
If you don’t like what’s happening, perhaps it’s because the majority of folks do not agree with you. In that case, who knows? Perhaps you’re just plain wrong…