What Are You Waiting For?

T.L.Davis writes with great frustration:

“Now, I am not calling anyone out here. I am not trying to challenge anyone’s patriotism, or dedication to a constitutional republic, but if you have not found your moment of action, yet, then when? I want you all to be specific if you can. Is it the moment that Barack Obama institutes gun-control through executive order?”

Read it all:  What Are You Waiting For ?

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11 years ago

I hope that the American people act responsibly when they realize that our economy has collapsed and the fruits of their labor has been looted. This requires honor and morality which are in short supply.

Our summer of fire is fast approaching as the author points out. What will be the consequences in a few weeks when states across the country lay off over 100,000 state employees and cut social engineering programs to balance their budgets?

MaryHolloway Love
MaryHolloway Love
11 years ago

The destruction of the value of the U.S. Dollar (fiat currency) is already past the point of no return. It is making new lows versus other currencies, even from some countries of which I have never heard. It is only a matter of a short time before the inhabitants of this country awaken and realize that their “Dollars” are no longer accepted ANYWHERE, since the manufactures can’t accept them, because no overseas supplier will. Thank you Unions and indecent Democrats and Republicans alike. Better get ready and get ready NOW! Food, Water, Shelter, and a way to protect your life and the lives of your family. The USA will NOT be as civilized as Japanese citizens were and still are, even though they KNOW there is NO FOOD and the radiation is constant. Talk about grace under fire? The USA will have wilding gangs who will be more cruel than anyone can imagine, since our country no longer values Human Life.