What Is Happening at the the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station: Ask Sen. Wyden

Senator Wyden visited the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station to assess the current situation and remediation efforts. His letter to the ambassador of Japan shows a cause for concern that should be understood by everyone. His recent visit may have been made as a result of the radioactive kelp found off the coast of California due to this event.

David DeGerolamo

Radioactive Kelp Found On California Coast

Radioactive particles released in the nuclear reactor meltdown in Japan in March 2011 have been detected in giant kelp along the California coast, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Radioactive iodine was found in beds of kelp along the coast from Laguna Beach to Santa Cruz, according to a study by two marine biologists at Cal State Long Beach.

They wrote that the radioactive particles were released into the atmosphere from the Fukushima nuclear power facility following the earthquake and tsunami that ravaged the region. They were blown across the Pacific Ocean and likely were deposited into the ocean during a period of heavy rain after the meltdown.

The radioactive particles could enter the food chain when the kelp is consumed by crustaceans and fish.


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